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In celebration of Batman's 75th year Anniversary, Warner Home Video releases it's 5th Batman Animated installment, "Son of Batman". Now to the obvious question, is it any good or bad?

To be quite honest, I couldn't really think of a better introduction for this review, and quite frankly I think there's not really much for me to say about this film. But let me say this right off the bat, I don't like this movie. But let me explain myself as we go along in my review.

Damien's parents, Batman & Talia al Ghul.
Damien's parents, Batman & Talia al Ghul.

The film serves as a sequel to Justice League: War. Son of Batmanventures into an unwanted escapade between Batman and his apparent son, Damien, the love child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, and grandfather of the demon head Ra's al Ghul. Together, they must take down the assassin Slade Wilson/Deathstroke who has taken over the League of Assassins. That looks pretty short because it is. With a running hour of more than an hour, there's not really much story to tell. The film itself is very straightforward, with almost no complexity and no plot twist at all. It did have a few minor plots that almost ended up being either lacking or pointless. I'm not really sure, which is to blame? the running time or the writer's lack of imagination.

the New Dynamic Duo's first mission together
the New Dynamic Duo's first mission together

Perhaps the best characters of the film are the titular characters, Batman and Damien, the new Robin. Batman is still the dark and brooding superhero we all remember from Justice League: War. Though certain turn of events puts Batman in a position that he may be familiar with, but under new circumstances. He must become a good father figure to his son Damien, but it's different from those of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd or Tim Drake, as Damien is his biological son, this time it's for real. Damien, on the other hand, faces the challenges of connecting himself to his father and others and toning down his characteristics of being a cold-blooded assassin with the idealism of perfect balance to the world, which he has honed from his grandfather. All of this to become worthy as the new Boy Wonder. The film has a concept so intriguing that it should have been good, and it was. The decent script that was written portrays the conflict from Batman and Robin fluidly. But like the story this film was based on, the script just doesn't get you interested. Granted it has a good story to tell, but overall it became very dull and dragging.

The film's main vilalin, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
The film's main vilalin, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Not to mention the adequate fight scenes. The film has more blood squibs than War, some are choreographed excellently, but none are breathtaking or engaging by any means. That Batman vs. Deathstroke started and ended with a couple of punches, and the loser was defeated pathetically quick. The character designs aren't that bad, but they are just not growing into me. They just look ridiculous! Batman still looks goofy, those ears are just ugly. I always wonder what's wrong with the designs we had from Justice League: Doom. Just change the suits to their New 52 designs, no need to over exaggerate muscle toning and go real far with silly to stupid character designs just for the sake of looking different.

While I still stand by my position of not liking this film, I just can't seem to hate it. Granted, the film is terribly short, limiting the script, ludicrous designs and forgettable fight scenes, it's overall not a terrible film. Maybe the concept of Batman having a biological son and the boy's characteristics just isn't getting my interest, maybe that kept me from being disappointed to this flick. This was bound to be perfectly tolerable that is if you can sit to something that makes you bored.


What did you think of "Son of Batman"?

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