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Well Marvel Producer Feige spills some beans and they are pretty exciting beans! Let me explain!

Basically he has said that Black Widow is currently the apex of the female heroes we have at the moment and she has been a central character in three or four films now. So if they were to do a Black Widow solo film after Avengers Age of Ultron, he feels it would need to have a great idea behind the plot to make it stand out. So he then goes on to say how he like the idea of doing a female lead but making it on a whole new character and cover the origins of the character in the movie! Now this is exciting news as the Superhero Genre is basically a boys club and we only see the odd female character in every other movie.

So which characters did the Marvel producer say there has been a lot of talk behind? Well the answer is Captain Marvel!

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

Now what is shocking about this is they seem to be planning on using Carol Danvers who up until recently has gone by the name Ms Marvel. So with them seemingly planning on making her big debut as Captain Marvel on the big screens makes me feel this is her forever. Name changes are not uncommon in the comic but as character tend to revert back a lot of the time to their classic name but in Carol's case they seem to be determined to have her as Captain Marvel for a long time, especially considering they have introduced a new Ms Marvel called Kamala Khan.

Feige did also indicate the she will make her debut in 2016 at either the end of phase 2 or the beginning of phase 3. I think personally we should see her in the post credit scene so they use her to bridge the phase 2 and phase 3 film together, but that is just my own little personal idea. I am also really excited to hear they are planning more with female heroes as it will finally show that the boys are not always the best in a fight and that they can take on the big bad just a cool as Thor, The Hulk or even Iron Man can.

So what do you think? Would you love to see Captain Marvel be the next female hero to enter the arena of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or would you rather they used someone else?


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