ByJerome Maida, writer at
Jerome Maida

Fans of "Frozen" can't seem to "Let It Go".

The Disney phenomenon continued it's climb up the All-Time World Box-Office Chart, passing both "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King" ($1.119 billion) and "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" ($1.123 billion) this past week.

It now ranks sixth all-time with a staggering worldwide box-office total of $1.129 billion.

It's climb up the chart has likely ended, as the film that ranks fifth all-time, "Iron Man 3", is $86 million away.

Then again, it did generate over $20 million worldwide this past week and if it keeps up that pace, for a little more than four more weeks, it will do.

That is not likely, with most world markets for the movie starting to dry up a bit, after opening Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S.

But if "Frozen" has taught us anything during it's remarkable run, it's that it does not to pay to underestimate it or bet against it!


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