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Ghostbusters is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a 4 city art roadshow that starts on April 19th and runs through July 27th. First off will be NYC hosting the exhibit between April 19-26, then LA from May 17-June 1, then Chicago June 20-22, with the finale being hosted at San Diego Comic Con July 23-27. The NYC Leonard Street exhibition is just a few blocks from Hook and Ladder No. 8, the Tribeca firehouse that was Ghostbusters head quarters. The roadshow is a joint venture with Gallery 1988 and Sony Pictures. More than 70 artists have created original paintings, sculptures, prints and apparel in homage to the 1984 box office smash, with a limited number being made available online but the bulk reserved for show-floor sales.

The Comic Con finale makes it highly likely that Sony Pictures will announce Ghostbusters 3. The wished for sequel has been dropping directors like ectoplasm spirits hit by a proton pack. Original director Ivan Reitman nyet, along with Lego Movie wonder-kins Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The death of original star Harold Ramis and the reluctance of Bill Murray to sign-on for a third spooktacular is causing roadblocks. Specualtion has floated on Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son to be the next in line with Jon “Iron Man” Farveau and Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) also being considered.

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