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Happy Easter everyone and by proxy happy zombie/ghost/spirit day and what better reason for a movie marathon and hey today's 420 too the national stoner holidy so without further ado here are my suggestions for the perfect holiday movie marathons.

Zombie Day Movie Marathon:

Shaun of The Dead/Zombieland: Two perfect lighter starters as far as zombie films go some laughs some gore all around a great starting course for this meaty meal.

Dawn of the dead (1978): This film is a staple of the zombie genre for a reason and well worth your time for classic zombie kills, great Savini make up effects and of course amazing social satire.

Dead Alive: Now for some lighter fare and what is one of my favorite comedies. From zombie fighting kung fu priests, giant godzilla zombie monsters and more this film will perfectly relight that buzz that that the addmitedly pessimistic ending of Dawn of the dead had.

Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives: So, after all of these movies I've discussed what will be the end all be all of zombie bad assity on this list? Well it's none other then ZOMBIE JASON VORHEES! Now tell me that that isn't the coolest thing ever! AND IT GETS BETTER! Not ONLY does Jason hijack an RV, NOT ONLY does Alice Cooper do the theme song to the movie, NOT ONLY does Jason have a James Bond gun barrel style opening BUT Jason is also brough back in the most stupidly awesome way possible which I won't spoil but WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Ghost Movie Maraton:

A Nightmare On Elm Street: I love zombie movies, I love slasher movies and I love ghost movies, the best thing about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies is they are all of the above. A Nightmare on Elm Street is also one of my favorite films ever made and I'd consider it pretty much a perfect film. The atmosphere is perfect, the characters are interesting, it's pretty damn 80's, the kills are great and inventive (especially for the budget) and Freddy is scary as hell so give it a watch.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors: OK this is my last Nightmare film on here but it's so damn good! It's also CRIMINALLY under seen and under rated and any press I can give this film (and take away from the crap remake) I'll do. THIS is how you make a Nightmare film! From a script cowritten by FRANK DARABONT, the guy who made The Shawshank Redemption, the AWESOME Blob remake, The Green Mile and many more and directed by Craven himself? That's some serious pedigree and this film delivers EVERYTHING a Freddy fan could want, scares, gore, EXTREMELY imaginative kills and the kids fighting back with their own super powers? Hell yes!

The Others: This is a creepy little gem I just love though is so creepy I can't watch it alone the atmosphere is subtly terrifying and the plot twist will blow your mind. If you love old school subtle horror films I HIGHLY recommend this.

Haunter: This isn't the greatest movie ever or anything not even as good as those I've mentioned but I just recently saw this and I still highly recommend it. It's a really original look at the haunted house genre that I dug with an amazing performance by Abigail Breslin who is really becoming a talented modern Hollywood scream queen and hope she does more horror stuff.

Stoner Movie Marathon:

The Big Lebowski: Honestly how else does one start a stoner movie marathon then with a tribute to the Lord of The Stoners him self Jeff "The Dude" Bridges. Need I say more? OK I will this film has everything one could have a jones for; great characters, great acting, a great soundtrack and the whole film is meaningless. Seriously at the end of the film nothing is resolved so f*** it right? The exact philosophy any self respecting stoner should have about life it's self as long as one doesn't harsh their buzz.

Dazed and Confused: This film summarized my high school experience; drinking beer, smoking weed and listening to rock music and this film really takes me back there. I knew these guys (even a Wooderson type) I did this kind of stupid shit and I love this film it's like a time machine back to a simpler time whenever I want to tune in, drop out and take a little nostalgic "trip".

Inception: This film has sentimental value for me as it's the first film I had seen a movie at the IMAX with a little prescription by Doctor Greenthumb and bubba let me tell you when city of Paris turned in on it's self was when this little Betty really turned on and WHOAH BABY to quote the late great Bill Hicks "my third eye was squeegeed quite cleanly and my mind was more blown then Cobb's was. Suffice it to say the level of mind f*** that this film is despite it being a masterpiece I wouldn't recommend it without a little "herbal refreshment" beforehand.

Cabin In The Woods: Again same as Inception it's one of the few films I've seen in the theater to blow my mind while on a little "mental laxative" and I was already a Whedonite but this experience made me a fan for life let me tell you. Espcialy how EVERY SINGLE THING that the stoner character said I'd think about for hours on end God bless you

Extra stoner stuff I'd recommend:
Goosebumps (TV show)

Lord of the rings



Tales from the crypt

The Lost Boys

Top Gun


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