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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

I was really excited to go and see the Movie of Noah. I expected this movie to be an attempt to make a new adaptation of the biblical story of Noah that reflects current social conflicts. However I wonder why they called it Noah. These talented actors seem to have taken these parts for the money not the quality of the script.

The special effects may end up being a little childish for some people, not for me though. They have driven action sequences, the human dimension is diminished. Even in his lowest moments, when he has became a maniac to those he loves, Crowe’s Noah still seems caught in some netherworld between real character and biblical archetype.

The acting was perfect. I have to admit that this movie is worth seeing just for the acting. Emma Watson plays Ila perfectly, Logan Lerman pays Ham amazingly and Douglas Booth gives Shem pathos. The two Academy Award winning actors, Russell Crowe (Noah) and Jennifer Connelly (Naameh), do their job perfectly.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the director and the writers. Shame on Darren Aronofsky to create this movie after Black Swan. The only thing he did right was the casting. The scrip was awful. Noah's visions were too short or they were never shown and he suddenly knew everything. It's not even the typical story of Noah. The film certainly takes several liberties with the story but this just a typical film, a form of "entertainment". If you are seeing this film because you're a religious person, then I think that you won't enjoy it.

The promotion was perfect, they surely know how marketing works. They used Emma Watson, who is really known through Harry Potter films, to get clients. They also never told us about rock "transformers" or about the family drama. The trailer makes us think that we are about to see a film about Noah's life with some action scenes but it ended up being a film with slow moving plot and a couple of action scenes. I admire the way they promoted the film and made us believe that it is something special.

I will rate this film with a 3/5. It just a normal film but promoted as something special. I lowed my rating because I was disappointed. But I gave it a 3 because of the good acting and it's special effects.


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