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So we know that the next upcoming X-Men adventure to hit the big screen will be [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) coming in 2016.

Spoiler Warnings For DOFP! And read my review of DOFP HERE

The biggest question mark in my mind about this movie is WHO WILL BE THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE?

Let me back up, for those of you who may not be as big a comic book nerds as all us cool kids, Apocalypse is not only one of the biggest X-Men villains ever he's been labelled as one of Marvel's best villains too. He's over 5000 years old and could very well be the world's first mutant. Originally abandoned by his parents because of his grey skin he grew to be worshiped as a God because of his powers. Worshiped, and feared. His powers include: super strength, immortality, technopathy (ability to talk to machines), teleportation and medium level psychic abilities. He eventually fused himself with alien technology and put himself into stasis hoping to be awakened again at a time where there would be more mutants, like himself, leaving his servant Ozymandius (who is actually a living statue with precognitive abilities) to watch over this tomb. Apocalypse awakens from time to time, earning his name and leaving an impression on dozens of civilizations who take the name Apocalypse into their own mythologies and begin passing it down to be interpreted much as it is today with the biblical interpretations.

Apocalypse's plans are pretty basic; he wants to rule the world. The X-Men battle him, and they win but he comes back in several future stories as well and each time Apocalypse is resurrected he has Four Horsemen who are by his side helping him achieve his goal. Death, Famine, Pestilence and War. Each time he's resurrected different X-Men (or Avengers) characters are captured by him, or resurrected from the dead by him, and brainwashed to do his bidding. Characters include: Angel, Wolverine, Hulk, Gambit, Polaris, Caliban, Daken, Psylocke, Sunfire and Mr. Sinister but also many others. After seeing [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) and seeing the after credits scene where SPOILER we see Apocalypse being worshiped in ancient Egypt, if you look into the background we also see his Four Horsemen in the distance standing and watching.

For me, the biggest question for the upcoming 2016 flick is: WHO WILL BE THE HORSEMEN?!?

Here are my suggestions, and my outlandish hopes:


Archangel is the original Horsemen, the first to be picked the first time Apocalypse appears. He's the most iconic of any of the choices, I think he's such an obvious choice,that I will be really disappointed if they do the movie without him. The biggest problem is that Angel was used in X3, he was badly used but he was there. One way they could retcon that without ruining the timeline is having Apocalypse kidnap baby Warren and accelerate his aging. I wouldn't be surprised if they just completely rebooted him though.

In the comics Angel's wings are torn from his body and he's left mutilated and depressed. Apocalypse rescues him from his attempted suicide and promises that if he gives himself willingly that he would restore his wings. He gets new metal wings that actually shoot metal arrows at his victims, and he's given the ability to heal rapidly. Archangel is an ongoing story in the comics as even after the events of being the Horsemen of Death he's forever changed by his time with Apocalypse. He could be an amazing asset to the cast.


Gambit and Angel both appear in different variations of the Horsemen, and both actually appear as Death, and we know that Gambit has been announced to be returning played by Channing Tatum. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they used him as one of the Horsemen and by the end of the movie he's turned and joins the X-Men. Gambit is such an amazing, and deep character in the comics he'd be a great choice! He needs to be re-booted and deserves some much better screen time than the glorified cameo that was Wolverine Origins. My hope is that we'll see Apocalypse pick him from a life of thieving and slum to be a Horsemen, and with his eventual turn to join the X-Men we'll get a solo film afterwards.

Emma Frost

I'm going off book here because Emma has never been one of the Horsemen in the Apocalypse in any of the versions as far as I know. I just really lover her character, and am really sad to see her underused in First Class and then killed off screen before the events of DOFP. Apocalypse is constantly resurrecting dead characters and using them as his Horsemen, so they could do it that way, or it would be easy for them to explain that Emma was destroyed in her diamond form, kept in the same building that was holding Magneto's helmet (which he stole back in DOFP.) In the comics Emma was shattered in diamond form, but reassembled by Jean and Beast. Apocalypse could re-assemble her and brainwash her in the same way. It could happen! I know I'm dreaming though. It's sad, her character has so much depth in the comics and she has one of the most amazing redemption stories of any X-Men characte, as well as some of the most baggage. She started her own school only to see it destroyed and her students murdered, she then joined Magneto and went to Genosha to teach again, and again watched her students and community completely destroyed by Sentinels. I would love to see this play out somehow. I hope they do bring her back, even if it's not as a Horsemen, there are lots of great stories they could do with her.


I'm going off book again but it would be really awesome to see one of the X-Men turned into a Horsemen right before our eyes, one of Xavier's own turned against him. After watching DOFP who else better than Hank McCoy? At the time he's Xavier's only real friend and ally. We could see a really dark version of Beast, and that would be awesome! In the comics there is a Dark Beast from an alternate reality who is totally evil. What if we merged the two in the film? We could see this evil scientist version of a Horsemen, and after all is said and done and Apocalypse is defeated we could get some amazing time with Beast dealing with the aftermath of what he's done, and give him more reason to want to work with the UN, mutants like we saw in X3. I think taking away Xavier's best friend and turning him against the team would be really cool.

Well that's my list, I loved Days of Future Past, I really enjoyed seeing minimal characters in the 80s timeline. It really opens it up to seeing more in the next film. One of the biggest problems with the original X-Men films is all the characters they used and cameos they gave away, it not only made the films feel cluttered but it took those characters away from ever being able to be used again. I really like how few characters were in this film, it made the film seem less crowded, and busy. Singer has said that X-Men Apocalypse will feature a re-booted Cyclops, Jean and Storm, presumably as children. Which makes sense as one of the last things Wolverine says to young Xavier is to look for those three and keep them close. If we do get to see those three trained as kids, it would be really incredible to see Beast as one of the Horsemen, the kids would be fighting one of their own mentors.

I can also assume that we'll get a version of Cable in the film. (Please played by Liam Neeson!) Cable is from a future where Apocalypse has taken over and he comes into the past to get the X-Men the power they need to stop him. Yes, I know another time travel plot, but Cable is so important to the story that it would be disappointing if they skipped over him, and I don't know how they'd defeat Apocalypse without his knowledge and powers. They could also skip the futuristic scenes and introduce Cable to us as they introduce him to Xavier and the others, from their point of view - do you trust someone like that? If you don't already know Cable is the son of Jean and Scott from the distant future. He has a cybernetic arm, and eye and is pretty much one of the biggest bad asses on the X-Men team. Once he comes into the past he's stuck here. One could ask, "well if they have him, why didn't they use him in DOFP to go back in time?" Good question. Well in X3, Jean and Scott were killed before they had kids. In DOFP that is un-done my friends!! Cable could be alive! Also we could get Omar Sy back as Bishop, he leaves his awful future and comes to the present for other reasons, but why not send him and Cable back in time together? Bishop was probably my favorite new mutant introduced in this movie, and I really want him to come back.

Well I loved Days of Future Past. I definitely recommend it! I'm excited for Apocalypse but sad I have to wait until 2016 for it.

Read my last post about which X-Men characters I'd like to see rebooted for the new promising future of the franchise: HERE With everything but First Class and half the events in DOFP completely not mattering anymore we could see lots of reboots!

What are your thoughts? Who do you want to see added to the cast for the next mutant movie? Who should be the Four Horsemen?


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