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In honor of Easter, I thought I would focus on one particular character in the Marvel Universe: The One Above All. This particular figure is the creator of everything in the Multiverse, references only a handful of times across the entire Marvel history. Akin to Yahweh or Allah, this figure is described as all-powerful, loving, and… well… Godlike.

Also called the Living Tribunal at points, this figure has yet to make it to the big screen, unless you count Captain America’s remark: “There’s only one God and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that”.

The One Above All prefers to sit in the background, influencing in small ways. But if he likes to dwell in the background, it is quite possible that we have already seen this character on screen, multiple times. Who is the One Above All of the Marvel Universe if it’s not the one, the only…

Stan Lee.

Stan Lee has appeared in 19 Marvel Movies in the last 20 years. He’s been watching key events, taking on numerous appearances, and even carefully influencing major events.

Truthfully, the brilliance of the plan rests in the character of Stan Lee. Often appearing as senile or confused, no one dares to suggest that he may actually be an all-powerful being who has created the entire universe that we see today.

He has delivered the mail of the Fantastic Four. He was watching over Senator Kelly as he washed up on the beach in X-men. He was the librarian to Peter Parker. He encouraged Daredevil in his first acts of heroism. He even dedicated his shoe to the cause of discovering the “convergence” in Thor 2. He was even watching over Jean Grey until Magneto and Xavier could arrive to escort her to safety.

Stan Lee, the One Above All, has been around since the beginning. He has watched over many characters without anyone realizing it. An All-Powerful Being who created the Universe as we know it, he remains anonymous. Will the characters of the Marvel Universe ever truly understand who it is that influences their destiny? Only time will tell.

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