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Khoa Ho

About a year ago I created the Superheroes - Past/Present series in hopes to spread a positive message using some of today's most iconic and inspirational characters. Also, because I love superheroes! The artwork took off and went viral in ways I never thought was possible for my art. The reaction from people was overwhelming and truly inspiring to me.

I didn't plan to make a second set but after countless requests from such lovely strangers all around the world, I had to do more just for them. This is for them and for you!

Now I would love to reveal Vol. 2 in the series. I'll post Vol. 1 as well in case they were unseen.

Vol. 1 starts here.

Vol. 2 starts here.

As a gift to fans I released the entire set with the help of the Hero Complex Gallery in LA. They do GREAT things for artists and fans!

Limited Edition prints available HERE.

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Thank you all for viewing.


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