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Everyone has their opinions on what made the Friday the 13th franchise so successful, and what they think makes a Friday the 13th film,..... a Friday the 13th film! It could be various things, from the kills, to the suspense, to even the way Jason is dressed! In this list though I'm gonna give my own opinion on what I think we all as fans want from the new Friday the 13th film. I know a few people have done the same thing, so I am going to try my best and make this list as different as possible!

The First thing I think we all want from this new film is to primarily take it back to the basics if possible. There are many Friday the 13th films, but making it mostly like the first four Friday the 13th's would be the best route to go. A traditional stalk n' slash Friday the 13th with of course our favorite hockey masked Killer, Jason! Even making the film take place in the 80's would further push the film towards what I think it should be. Giving many a possible sense of nostalgia as they watch!

Another thing I think we all would want is for...... Jason to be in the film of course! I have heard that Jason might not be in the film at all, and though putting his mother as the killer in the first movie isn't a horrible idea, I think we could all agree that Jason like many other slashers, has been away for far to long! I also don't mind the ''traditional'' Jason for the new film, but a new take on the character would be interesting as well.

The Next factor I think we all could agree should be in the new film is to make Jason more brutal than ever before. New kills and more blood is without a doubt something we are all looking forward to seeing in the new movie. Without that it wouldn't be much of a Friday the 13th film now would it?!

And The Last factor I am sure we all are more than looking forward to is to NOT make the movie in found footage form. It not only doesn't work for a Friday the 13th film, but it doesn't work for Slasher movies in general. Imagine seeing Freddy Krueger through a camera while in a dream, or Seeing Michael Myers through a camera after he violently pins you to a wall and quietly tilts his head at you in admiration. Sure it would be creepy to a degree, but it just doesn't fit for these types of movies. And the way I see it, why try to profit off of the found footage crazy on franchises that were successful without it already, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and A Nightmare On Elm Street especially.

Like usual those are my opinions, but they are based off of what I think most of you are thinking as well. If not then tell me below! All opinions are welcome.

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