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Mia Hooley

The amazing spider-man 2 the movie at first glance was Amazing it truly lived up to its title. The movie showed constant action and there's always something going on

SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched the film I suggest not reading on, the biggest shock was gwen Stacy 's untimely death shortly after beeing accepted into Oxford university. Ignoring spider-mans warnings about not to follow him to the power grid she finds him and becomes a massive help towards spider-man by resetting the system on the grid that electro had taken control over. The green goblin swoops down after the destruction of electro and finally figure's out that spider-man is really peter parker and therefore grabs gwen to get at him leading yo her death in the clock tower were she falls and spider-man is unable to catch her.

After her death peter quits the spider-man role for awhile leaving New York wondering where he has gone. For 5 months he stands and morns over her grave, then finally aunt may tells him that the more you let go the better he will feel and has an apifany and resumes hero work.

It is a thrilling action packed movie althoe perhaps in ways it is merging what could be 3 movies into one with the over crowd of bad guys one after another the solution to fix this would have been to overlap the villains into one fight scene. The movie amazing spider-man is 10 times that of its predecessor's spiderman 1 - 3 and also the first amazing spider-man


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