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I have not seen this movie, and I know very little about it. What I do know does not come from in depth research into the movie (or should I say, in Depp research? eh? see what I did there?). What I know is from reviews made by adolescents in their twenties and the written reviews I just saw which are really the reason I am writing this article. When I saw the reviews I couldn't believe what they said.

The poster for the film begs for a counter-punch: printed over a gloomy close-up of Depp there is the warning, "Yesterday Dr. Will Caster Was Only Human." To which we might add, "And the Day Before Johnny Depp was an Actor." - David Thompson of The New Republic

Stabbs at the first time screenwriter, pokes at Johnny Depp for apparently a shit-tay performance, and cracks at how bad the science was mixed with both magic and theology. What the fuck is that all about? I thought this movie was about a scientist putting his consciousness into a computer, or partially anyway, where does theology come into it? What he thinks himself a God... gemme a break. How bad could a movie with such a kick ass Twilight Zone episode premise like this be? Ill tell you.... a 20% on Rottentomatos and a 6.5/10 on IMDB.

What the fuck happened to this movie
What the fuck happened to this movie

How do you fuck this up? You have Morgan Freeman inhabiting the same movie space as Johnny Depp?! Not only that, the movie that had to come clearly from the mind of a person not realizing how close he came to straight-up copying a episode of the Twilight Zone. But it seemed to be done so modern that no one gave a fuck, and Johnny Depp doesn't watch TV so who fucking knows if he ever saw a single episode of the show. That said, its still seemed so good on the advertisements. He was all: Hello, I'm Johnny Depps and Ill be your scientist for this picture. Then he gets shot, and this girlfriend does what any scientist lady would do and put his ass in the computer like they were reliving The Lawnmower Man 2 with a much smarter persons consciousness. Even though they do that, it clearly ends up like the original Lawnmower Man, and somebody probably gets chopped up by a... well, a Anyway! How ever it happens, something clearly goes wrong and he goes Iron Maiden on their asses.

You will still watch my movie.. Look into the Depp 
You will still watch my movie.. Look into the Depp 

To me this sounds like a hell of a badass story, but somewhere somehow they fucked it up. I really wanted to see it but now it will be lucky to get a download (I am lying, I will totally get it when it is available). I don't know if it was bad directing, acting (How? It had so many great actors), or even poor editing. I can see how it could possibly be up to the producers to have fucked it up. It makes sense, but still how do you fuck up a movie like this that screams cinema gold?


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