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So, last night I got bored as hell. I'm surfing through Facebook like any other bored human being. And I came across this photo of Jason David Frank photoshopped into one of the upcoming Rangers in the next season. It got me confused as to why that exists so naturally I decided on googling it. And the first thing I seen was multiple articles on how JDF wants to do a PG-13 Green Ranger movie for the older fans & how Saban is highly considering it. Now, I'm looking through the comments on the multiple articles & it got me thinking on how the movie would exist & go. So, this article is my version of what some would call a plot.

So, to start this off, let's get it the cast first. For Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger:

Jason David Frank. Why not? If the movie is suppose to be for the older fans then if you want to piss off the fans then cast someone else but to avoid bad publicity like 'Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman' I wouldn't change whats working right now. Now, knowing that since the original team the Green Ranger hasn't really been seen. The last time we seen the Green Ranger was in 'DinoThunder' while Dr. Oliver was in a coma fighting his "demons" (Green Dragon Ranger, White Tiger Ranger & Zeo Ranger 5). So the villain for the movie should be someone from Tommy's past that hasn't made an appearance since the original series. I say it should be this guy...

Goldar! Come on! Goldar is known as Tommy's arch nemesis. They can have it where Goldar has been on the moon training to take revenge on Earth for killing Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa. Goldar can have the Putties & the Tenga Warriors as his army. I think having the final showdown between Tommy & Goldar would be the most interesting for the movie. If the movie is like the MMPR & Turbo movies (set in a different universe), it'll make the movie a lot better. For the casting they'll end up having to get someone new.

Now into the plot. I say we should open up to Tommy doing a voice over. Have him doing a quick recap of his life since he stopped being a Ranger. We're told that lately he has felt something dark calling out to him. During this voice over, we get the opening credits & see Tommy traveling somewhere. By the end of the credits, camera changes to behind Tommy's car to see a "Welcome to Angel Grove" sign. We come to find out that Tommy's back in town for a high school reunion. The original team gets mentions. Jason is "out of state working" when he is actually off planet. Trini, sadly, is dead. Got to kill her off. RIP Thuy Trang. Billy is still off planet but to others is in Africa as a medical assistant. Zach is unable to show up cause he is busy doing work. And Kimberly... this b!tch. Seriously, who breaks-up with someone in a letter!? That's worst than over the phone! Anyway, Kim isn't at the reunion because she is over seas practicing for the next Olympics. I know what some are saying, yes, Bulk & Skull will make there appearance. Got to have the comedy relief. Hell, I'll add Skull's kid, Spike, into the mix. I almost forgot! Adam, Rocky & Aisha! We could have a cameo from Adam saying he has some old Ranger buddies that asked for his help so he leaves early. Rocky was there before Tommy showed up. And Aisha couldn't make it because she couldn't leave her kids at home alone. If possible, get Royce Herron/Ms. Appleby to make a quick cameo. We get the old fashion Ranger-to-Bulk-&-Skull talk for a couple of minutes. And gets interrupted by the Putties & Tenga Warriors. The convention hall gets cleared out. Tommy is left to defend himself against a small army of these things. Of course Tommy clears them out. Tommy then says to himself "How are they still around?" We see Tommy run off screen. We jump to see Tommy driving to his hotel when he gets jumped again. This time after beating them, he races to find whatever he can find in the desert. Yeah, the command center. As we the fans know, Zordon likes to have extra command centers buried underneath the visible command center. We get Tommy show up to find that the command center is standing. Tommy goes into the command center hoping to find Alpha 5 & Zordon waiting. But not a soul has been in there in years. So, now Tommy is looking around hoping to find something that will tell him why the Putties & Tenga Warriors are still hanging around. Tommy then accidentally presses a button that opens a tube. In that tube holds a very familiar morpher. Tommy reaches for it when the morpher shocks him revealing how the morpher got there. We find out that Billy, the Phantom Ranger & Alpha 5 were able to fix the Green Ranger power years back. Alpha brought the morpher back before Zordon's death hoping the power would call Tommy back in time to help save Zordon. So Tommy takes the morpher. We jump to Tommy in Angel Grove eating lunch staring at the morpher begging the question "How is the Green Ranger power alive?" While Tommy's eating he gets a text from his old buddy, Andros, giving Tommy a very cryptic warning. BAM! Angel Grove is being attacked by Putties & Tenga Warriors with an old face leading the charge, Goldar. Goldar is back more armor, bigger, badder & tougher. Tommy morphs. We get a new morphing sequence. Tommy is now double timing his ass kicking. Half way through the battle, Goldar finally shows his face to Tommy by knocking Tommy on his ass. Tommy & Goldar start fighting. Goldar is giving Tommy the fight of his life. Goldar beats Tommy. But, tells Tommy that "You'll get your end soon enough, Tommy. But for now, I'm going to let you sit in the knowledge of my existence." Goldar & company disappear. Tommy goes back to the command center to see what he can do to stop Goldar. While at the command center, Tommy tries to get a hold of Andros. Of course, Tommy gets nothing. That's how you make a solo hero movie. Leave his ass high & dry. Tommy starts looking at old footage of within the command center to see what else can help him with the improved morpher. Tommy comes across footage of Alpha 5 & the Phantom Ranger walking into a room out of camera range. Tommy goes searching for the room but can't find the door. All of a sudden, he gets scanned and a voice says "Access Granted" opening a door to an updated Dragon Zord. Same-ish look, little differences. Now the Dragon Zord has a Warrior Mode that allows the Dragon Zord to transform to combat solo. Making the Dragon Zord even more powerful now that it can combine the other Zords while it can fight by itself. As Tommy is gazing over the new & improved zord, the infamous alert goes off in the command center. Tommy goes to look at the viewing globe to see Goldar challenging the Green Ranger to a fight to the death. Tommy is getting ready to leave the command center when we hear "Tommy..." come from behind Tommy. "...if you are hearing this, it means that I am dead. Tommy, I am leaving this message to tell you that you need to reform the Rangers. There is a threat no single Ranger can handle. That is the reason the Green Ranger power was restored. You need to gather the best to fight off this threat. If you are listening to this, that means all Ranger powers have been restored. Tommy, the fate of the world rest with you." Yes, I would make a series of PG-13 Power Ranger movies starting with 'Green Ranger'. Back to the story. We go to Goldar destroying sh!t cause he can. Tommy shows up in uniform. Here comes the final battle. We get a kick ass fight scene. Both Tommy & Goldar are down when Goldar grows. Then, the obvious, Tommy calls for the Dragon Zord. We get the badass original Dragon call. The Dragon Zord comes walking out of the water like back in the good old days. We finally get to see the Warrior Mode in action. Tommy & Goldar continue fighting. Somewhere in the fight, Goldar mentions his new master. We still get no real clue as to who the master is but we are to assume that this new master is the big threat Zordon was talking about. Goldar dies by Tommy's hand. The movie ends with Tommy narrating that "Now that Goldar's dead & this new threat is out there, I think it's time to bring the Rangers back." End credits roll. Mid-credits, we get a scene getting a shadow figure sitting in Lord Zedd's destroyed throne being told that Goldar died. The shadow replies "This means war." Credits continue to roll. But that is not all! Post-credits, we cut to the middle of a chase. A deformed man runs by the camera. We then see a man in a Silver Guardian uniform runs past the camera. Yeah, you probably guessed right. The deformed man gets taken down by the Silver Guardian officer, who says "Now, why did you have to run from me? You know that mutants aren't aloud to roam free like that." Another Guardian, "Get up, Myers." Guardian 1 replies "Come on, he deserves to be beat." Guardian 2 responds "ERIC MYERS! Get up, soldier!" Camera zooms in on Eric Myers, who would be played by Dan Southworth, ending the scene. The next movie, 'Quantum Ranger'!

Let me know what you think. Like the idea of a PG-13 Power Rangers movie?


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