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Desperately awaiting the release of Batman vs. Superman
Josh White

In the seemingly never ending gap between Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, DC fans have been left without sufficient news or anything to have fun with. I am ecstatic about the DCCU and I want to put my ideas out there so enjoy!

Man of Steel (2013)-villain: General Zod

Batman vs. Superman (2016)-villain: Lex Luthor and Metallo

Wonder Woman (2017) -villain: Circe

Green Lantern (2017)-villain: Sinestro

Batman: Night of the Owls (2018)-villain: Talon

The Flash (2018) -villain: Professor Zoom

The Justice League (2019) -villain: White martians

Let's get started!

I have no idea what they're doing with this movie, no freaking details have been leaked so I can't come up with a good plot!

Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will be part of the government after Steve Trevor lands her a job. In the Wonder Woman movie she has to leave The United States and return to Themyscira as Circe has escaped the underworld and is going to wreak havoc on Themyscira. In the end, Diana decides her people need her so she stays on Themyscira until the invasion and she feels pressed to return to the United States to aid the rest of the heroes in the battle against this unknown enemy going against her mother's wishes.

In Green Lantern we see his origin story again but without Parallax it takes after Green Lantern: Secret Origins and it involves Hector Hammond and Atrocitus. The original Green Lantern movie used this plot but replaced Atrocitus with Parallax, that was a mistake. I am going to save the trial of Sinestro for phase 2 as we don't need Sinestro to be the villain yet. At the end of the movie Hal Jordan tells his brother he is Green Lantern, he is a pilot for Ferris Air and decides to stay on Earth until he is needed on Oa. Green Lantern returns in Justice League.

This movie will simply follow the story of Night of The Owls.

In Flash we see Barry Allen's origin and we even see the blur, fans will know it's professor Zoom but the general audience won't. The movie is about Flash investigating his mother's murder and trying to prove his father is innocent. We see the extent of his forensic skills and how that can work with Batman's detective skills. We see Barry use his powers to stop crime around the city and we see a paper calling him "The Flash". There won't be much fighting in this movie but a lot of setting things up, it will have the same amount of action as Thor.

This movie will follow the Justice League TV show 3-episode arch called Justice League: Secret Origin. Wonder Woman will leave Theymscira as she feels responsible to help man's world. Green Lantern shows up with Flash we know from their relationship that they're friends and Superman and Batman have met obviously and will battle the white martians until they all come together and cue the Justice League: War ending where they name themselves..........JUSTICE LEAGUE!

So tell what you think guys, could this work? Does it sound good? If you hate it, how would you make the DCCU? If you love it, share it; Happy reading!


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