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Alex Brickey

Just like many of you, I've always admired Wolverine's awesome costume, and also, like most of you, have been waiting for him to don the yellow and brown costume in one of the X-Men movies. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's been 14 years too long.

Let me begin with this: WE HAVE SEEN THE UNIFORM ON SCREEN; Well, maybe not the big screen, but you can see it on your screen. That's right! The Wolverine Blu-Ray Disc shows a deleted scene where Wolvie is handed a briefcase holding his iconic mask and uniform.

Wolverine's Costume
Wolverine's Costume

I flipped shit when I first saw this. Unfortunately, the scene was deleted, meaning that we most likely wont see Wolverine in his badass uni until maybe the next solo Wolverine installment, which will be in 2017.


Will Wolverine dawn the new uni in DOFP?


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