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When I was growing up, this was the Cyclops who eventually found himself in the X-Men. He was a master strategist and wasn't afraid to fight seemingly superior opponents. In the issue number 127 of Uncanny X-Men, he calls out Wolverine after he has suffered some serious PTSD from Proteus and his reality warping abilities.

What follows is Cyclops schooling Wolverine on why he is the Leader of the X-Men and not him, keeping Wolverine continually off balance and swinging blindly in his growing rage...

Dealing with Wolverine's PTSD
Dealing with Wolverine's PTSD

The entire fight is an attempt to get his team back into fighting shape after the mental & physical trauma they suffered. He could have very easily been killed by Wolverine if he had been able to connect just once...

James Marsden as Cyclops
James Marsden as Cyclops

By comparison, the Cyclops of the Fox Studios' X-Men franchise was barely a presence on screen. He was usually upstaged by Wolverine or made to look like a fool by Magneto. His moments onscreen were usually spent being a non-factor, until his ultimate and untimely demise at the hands of Dark Phoenix- or at least the god-awful X3 version of Dark Phoenix.

Now that Fox Studios is revamping and rebooting their franchise via Time Travel, Hopefully they will re-cast the role of Cyclops and make him the formidable leader of the X-Men we all know and love. If they cast him in Age of Apocalypse, he would be a teenager if the movie takes place in the mid 1980's

Or do they just bring back James Marsden and pretend that X3: The Last Stand never happened?


Should Fox Studios Bring Back Cyclops?


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