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Luke Winston

A Haunted House 2 is another installment to the Wayans parody films. This movie is not at all scary in any sense. The scariest part for myself was the thought of wasting my money on it. The movie is only 87 minutes long. It felt like 3 exhausting hours of hard work. Its like watching your buddies awful attempt of making a funny YouTube skit. Each scene is just a run on joke, its almost as if the title of the film is irrelevant to the story. I don't really recall any of the "house" itself being haunted. It revolves around a lustful doll, and the child's imaginary friend. It attempts to bring back characters from the previous film. Now to be truthful I found the first film actually bearable and somewhat humorous. Nick Swardson carried the first film on his jokes, but the sequel lacks his presence. Now like I said each scene is just a reoccurring joke that never ends. It's equivalent to listening to someone tell a joke and once they get to the punchline its isn't funny then they continue to try and egg it on and clarify the joke when you understood it, it just wasn't funny what so ever. Marlon Wayans is destroying his potential and i don't think it would hurt if we ever saw him in a lead role again. I would've rather watched a loop of a song on the internet for an hour and a half then to watch this garbage again. Now to be clear I chuckled a couple times but as soon as the movie was over I looked at my friend and said "That sucked. I cant remember any funny quotes from it." So we wound up quoting lines from some of the trailers we saw. Now I chose to see this over Transcendence because that looks even worse. A Haunted House 2 is an atrocious abomination to its genre. I don't recommend this movie to anyone with a brain. I give Haunted House 2 a 3/10. TWO THUMBS DOWN!


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