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Ryan Harper

Over the past few years, we've had numerous unneeded sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes (oh sorry, "re-imaginings") to beloved franchises such as The Terminator, Alien, Robocop and so on to just name a few. Although there have been some sparks of creativity and originality, it seems that more and more studios are jumping on the same bandwagon: "Hey, lets add a badly written, SFX heavy sequel to a franchise that has either wrapped up it's story with the last instalment OR make an unneeded remake / reboot that has none of the charm or underlying messages of the original whilst also being SFX heavy and in *grits teeth* 3D!"

For example, just to name one, The Spider-Man series!

Now don't get me wrong, the Raimi trilogy had it's flaws and they seemed to get worse as they progressed, but when I heard that after only 5 FUCKING YEARS since Spiderman 3 that Columbia was to re-boot the franchise....what the hell!?! The original Robocop, released in 1987, waited 27 years before a remake was released! Total Recall...22 years! Judge Dredd...17 years! But really!?! 5 fucking years? Jesus at least give us some time to fondly remember the original before shoving a reboot in our faces!

Now I'm not saying that all remakes are bad, or that all of them are good either. I'm just tired of looking on IMDB or checking my cinema screenings and seeing re-boot, remake, sequel or prequel...where's the originality gone?

The thing to remember as well is that when people say "Dude there's a new Terminator coming AND it's gonna have Arnold in it" the only reason people even get excited is because they remember what the original series of films brought to the table. Great acting, story, action, drama, fx, music and just all around awesomeness that make those films so iconic.

If you're just gonna churn out some piece of trash with Terminator in the name (least we forget Rise Of The Machines....actually....yeah forget that even happened) but it's got none of the innovation or character of the originals, what's the point? If it contributes nothing interesting or new to the mythos and universe, whats the point? Do you think that all people pay for is to see an old, Austrian body builder say a catchphrase thats nearly 30 years old? Even if it is an awesome catchphrase, that's not all what people pay to see.

Im begging you, studio owners and directors of the world:

- Leave the classics alone, no more re-booting

- If you're gonna make a sequel, make sure that it actually adds to the universe that your characters inhabit, instead of just adding dollars to your pockets


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