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Now of course, this is just me being a fan-boy and raging about what I want to see, but most likely wont :( I was on my way to the gym when I thought of this, so forgive me if it's a little choppy or confusing.

Phase 1:

Man of Steel

Now this movie is already out, so there isn't much to cover, besides it being the kickoff to the DC Cinematic Universe.


I know the next movie confirmed is the highly anticipated Untitled, Batman vs. Superman movie, but I feel this is the route the studios should have gone.

Following the aftermath of Man of Steel, Bruce Wayne, who owns a large number of buildings destroyed in the Metropolis Skyline, has been privately meeting with Metropolis's very own, Lex Luthor, in order to rebuild the city and raise the funds needed. Meanwhile, Batman, is having to deal with the Joker, alongside Nightwing and his son, Damian. At the end of the movie Joker is defeated and we see him being escorted to the famous 'Arkham Asylum'. After all of that, Damian and Dick ask Batman whats next on his agenda. His reply is, "I have to make a visit to Metropolis", hinting at his future meetup with Superman. The end credits scene could be something along the lines of: The Joker sitting in his cell, bored, maybe playing with a deck of cards or humming the song "Only You" (a nice nod to the video game, Arkham City), when all of the sudden, a security guard, violently bangs on Joker's cell. When he looks up, the security guard introduces Joker to his new Doctor, Harleen Quinzel. They exchange a smile and Joker repeats the lines from the ending of Arkham Origins, "This is gonna be fun" smiles at the camera and the scene ends.

The Flash

It's about time the Flash gets his own movie and I think it should happen before The Justice League. The villain of the film could be Captain Cold, with perhaps a Gorilla Grodd cameo. I feel like the film should introduce Green Lantern into the Cinematic Universe, since the Green Lantern and Flash have always been a good pair. As well as the introduction of Wally West and a reference to Cyborg. The end of the film could use captain cold escaping or being locked away, because I have future plans for him as well. The end credit scene could introduce Sinestro, hinting to him being a villain in the Justice League movie.

Batman vs Superman

The movie of course would mainly take place in Metropolis and Bruce goes to visit, to work with Luthor about restoring the city, while he is secretly hunting down Superman as Batman. Luthor could tell Bruce about the armor he has built to take down Superman and Bruce immediately ends his work with Lex, now that he sees he is evil and wants to murder Kal-El. Supes and Bats have their big fight when they finally meet, and Batman totally whoops his ass, lol. They decide to team up to take down Luthor. In the end they do succeed and Luthor is locked away. This movie would introduce Wonder Woman and maybe have a cameo of Nightwing or Damian Wayne as Robin. The end credit scene would be the first teaser trailer for the Justice League, just as Marvel did with Captain America: The First Avenger, before the Avenger was released.

Justice League

The villains is the movie could be along the lines of, Sinestro, Darkseid, Despero or Prometheus, with Luthor playing in the background. The team should be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and introduce both Cyborg and Aquaman. If they were to use Sinestro, don't kill him off in the end, as I have plans with him for the future. The end credit scene would start off in an unfamiliar lair, perhaps not on Earth. We hear the sound of Owls "hooting" and we can see a glass case in the background with something violently running out of control, (much like Quicksilver in the Captain America: the Winter Soldier, mid-credit scene) We hear an unfamiliar voice talking about the events that just took place, the camera pans to man who resembles Superman sitting on a chair. The camera pans up his body as it slowly passes his shield with the famous Ultraman emblem, we get to his face and his eyes become red and he says "they're ready" and smiles.

I'll continue Phase 2 on another thread. Like I said in the beginning though, I doubt any of this will happen, or at least not the way I envisioned it. But, let me know what you think so far in the comments below. :)


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