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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

Okay as an avid fan and comic book reader I have to admit I am getting tired of all these old era throwbacks. It seems to be confirmed by Singer himself that The Age of Apocalypse will happen in the 1980's possibly after first class and in between all the perhaps pre-wolverine and awesome X-team stuff.

In between quels or whatever you want to calm them to me at least are what I hate most: Back peddling. I love sequels especially in the Superhero scope of things introducing More characters and awesome storylines. It doesnt make sense to me when sentinels are supposed to be flying around in this time as they are shown in the most recent trailers of Xmen days of future past and also having htis huge awesome character who by himself would make a great origin movie to add to the Xmens woes. Maybe I am overreacting and perhaps the time does not really matter but I always look forward to new stories and possibly crossovers that we may see the Fantastic Four and Spiderman.

What do you all think? Do you like these time changing prequels and In-between-sequels or do you like a series to move forward in story and character development? what do you think of the decade that AOA is headed back into? Would love to here from ya!!!


Future or past or whatever?


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