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Disclaimer: A Captain Planet movie has been stated to be in progress, but unfortunately, this is not in reference to that. The author of this article is in no way connected to that project, nor does he have any insider information on it. The following is only to provide some suggestions for what THIS writer thinks would go into making a good Captain Planet movie.

Now, before you burst into utterly hysterical laughter at the concept, think about it. This movie could give the whole series concept a greatly needed rework! Okay, stay with me.

Remember the fact that [Captain Planet](movie:1020132) is supposed to be an emissary of Mother Earth, Gaia? Well, what if instead, Gaia did not actually show up in person, and instead, each of the five kids (Wheeler, Ma-Ti, Kwame, Linka and Gi) found shrines or temples in their respective home lands dedicated to an elemental nature goddess from that land's culture?

Within those temples, each kid finds a ring, corresponding to one of the elements. For example, Wheeler is Fire, so he'd find the temple of a fire goddess in North America somewhere. Kwame, an African earth goddess. Linka, a European wind goddess. Gi, an Asian water goddess. Ma-Ti, a South American life/fertility goddess.

Their powers combined would not summon Captain Planet, but would awaken him. Once. Not for a thirty minute special, and then they need another ring-bump to awaken him again; once he's up, he's up. And he only needs the kids to be his eyes and ears around the world, so he knows what needs defending. And even then, he can still move of his own volition, and go on his own missions, at will. He's Earth's guardian, but he has a mind and feelings of his own, too.

And, at first, his issues would be against deforestation, or pollution of the skies and seas, or overfull landfills, people not recycling and being green, and natural disaster relief. But his foremost foes would be an alien race, on a mission of conquest, who see the planet as ripe with resources (wind, water, solar, etc) that its inhabitants never use anyway. Not to mention, a whole planet full of human labor. Score, for them, if they win. Which is why the villains we know from the show (with new, not-lame names), are working with the aliens, in hopes of being spared enslavement, and getting in on the profits.

They don't count on a green haired blue guy in red pajamas, though. And this guy is coming with all the powers of the planet at his disposal. Aside from the ability to sustain himself entirely off of sunlight (removing his need to eat or sleep), he has strength, speed, durability, stamina, regeneration, reflexes, senses and awareness attuned to the planet's own power, and can manipulate earth, water, fire, air and plant and animal life on an epic scale. Of course, not enough to make him over-powered, and instantly kill off everybody, but enough to put up an interesting and entertaining fight.

And if he absolutely must have a ridiculous weakness, rather than have him grow weak and weary in the presence of pollution (I mean, really, he's strong enough to stop polluters and other defilers of the planet, otherwise he's really helpless to save the planet he's here to defend), he could have reduced power over processed elements (ie plastics), or be weakened by prolonged absence from his planet. Being teleported into the depths of space, for example, would render him gradually weaker, and even this would take a while to weaken him.

So...what do you guys think? Am I being delusional over a series that I really enjoyed in my youth, or does this superpowered eco-friendly do-gooder really have the potential to give 'going green' a good name?


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