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Although the Jurassic World marketing team are still keeping their claws firmly on any kind of official imagery or promotional material, film set stalkers on Hawaii are capturing a few candid shots of locations for Colin Trevorrow's sequel.

Film set snooping site, Reel Tours Hawaii, recently received an Easter Basket full of [Jurassic World](movie:32752) snaps. The pictures, which like all good clandestine photographs were taken from behind a bush, appear to show a new Jurassic World enclosure that is slightly reminiscent of the original Jurassic Park.

Unfortunately, the dense foliage negates a full, unobscured view, but what is clear is the location's more practical, concrete style. Could this be a new bunker, enclosure or laboratory? Well, at the moment, no one knows, but make sure to take a look below:

What is certainly clear from these pictures is that this area is not for park guests. We've already seen some pictures of the Jurassic World scenes being shot at Honolulu Zoo, which suggests the public area of the park will have more of a zoo/theme park aesthetic.

Of course, although the building doesn't seem to explicitly match one we saw in Jurassic Park, it could still be a left-over from InGen's tenure on Isla Nublar. We already know some relics from Jurassic Park will be appearing in the sequel, could we also be visiting some of the older infrastructure?

What do you think of these set snaps? Do you have any idea of what the building could be used for? Could it even be part of the old park? Let us know your opinion below.


What do you think this building is?


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