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With just under a month to go until X-Men: Days of Future Past hits our screens, Hugh Jackman has been walking the promotional trail but amidst the usual slog of interviews and press junkets, Jackman has found the time to book an appearance on next week's WWE Monday Night Raw. The Aussie megastar took to twitter to promote the event and posted a video to remind everyone of the last time he took to the ring. Check out the Tweet and the video below:

For those who missed it, Jackman assists in a dubious Zack Ryder win by delivering a right hook to Dolph Ziggler while the ref's back is turned. A move which the commentator rather generously calls:


We'll expect more of the same come Monday night. Will you? What other member would you like to see enter the ring? Let us know below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens on May 23rd



X-Men in the ring?


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