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Can't wait for Batman vs. Superman? For Gotham? For just about any hit of Batman action you can get your hands on?

Well, wait no more - Batman Beyond is back, and it brought some friends.

As part of DC's 75 years of Batman celebrations, they've released a new short film featuring the Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis duo from Batman Beyond. The villain, though, is someone who couldn't be closer to home - and the results are Easter-egg-tastic.

You can check out the video below, and make sure to keep watching right up to the end for all of the Easter egg goodness:

That's right - more Batman variants than you could shake a stick at.

For those who are counting, we have, from right to left:

Beware the Batman Batman

The Batman Batman

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Batman

The Dark Night Returns Batman

Michael Keaton 80's Batman

Adam West 60's Batman

and possibly coolest of all:

Original Bob Kane Batman.

Which is just plain awesome.

The big question is, this, though: Which Batman would win in a fight? Let me know below!


Which Batman would win in a fight?

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