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The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple has been talking about the tone for Season 5 of the zombie drama and has told us to expect more action and a lot more laughs.

Speaking to Larry King, Gimple revealed:

Action, intensity, there’ll still be the character stuff there, but the balance is going to be a little different...The story that we’re telling demands it. We’re not going to shy away from character, but the balance will be a little more towards action.

When asked if humor would play an important role in the new season, Gimple responded:

Yes, absolutely. I want to represent the whole of human experience. I don’t want to show just horror and misery, because if you just do that, it doesn’t mean anything. You need the light. You need humanity. You need love. You need friendship. Because those are the things that you’re trying to maintain amidst these horrors, and when you win, that makes the victories that much more sweet, but when you lose, it makes things that much more dark.

I gotta say, the more I hear Gimple talk about his vision for the show going forward, the more impressed I am with the guy.

I thought he made some really brave creative decisions on the back end of Season 4, and while not all of it paid off - the 3 episode Governor arc was hit-and-miss - he's a master storyteller who realizes humor, action and character development are all vitally important to serve the story.

What say you Dead-Heads? Are you excited about the direction Gimple is taking [The Walking Dead](series:201193)?


What does The Walking Dead need more of?

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