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I think somebody at the rumor mill might have moved onto hard drugs because the stuff they churn out just gets more and more bizarre. Apparently an insatiably broody Katy Perry is hungry for Robert Pattinson's sperm, and she won't take no for an answer.

In a seriously strange piece of 'reporting', Hollywood News Daily explained that Perry is gagging to get pregnant by 2015, and R-Patz is the man for the job. Even though there is no mention of his consent...

A source and 'friend' of Perry spilled that;

Katy wants kids as soon as possible. She’s not talking about new boyfriends so much as finding a guy who can get her pregnant without expecting marriage,

The sneaky source then went onto to state that Pattinson had been eyed up as a potential hotbed of good genes by the star (not creepy at all...) They explained that;

Katy Perry believes Robert Pattinson is just the candidate for the job. They are both in the same places in their lives and want what they want, nothing too committal

You know, something casual and non committal like HAVING A CHILD TOGETHER?

Perry's delightful friend also went on to make their bestest bud sound like some sort of immature, fame hungry succubus by explaining that;

If she goes through with all this, it will be as much a publicity stunt as anything else in her career. As she admits to friends all the time, she is addicted to attention!

Wow! That is the most fragrant celebrity bull crap I have feasted my tender nostrils on for a while.

I know the mere sight of Rob gets ovaries around the world pumping with delight, but this seems a bit too mental for me...

Could Katy Perry really be desperate for Robert Pattinson's babies?


Do you want Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson to have beautiful A-list babies?

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