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The seventh and final season of True Blood is arriving this summer, and it looks like things are going to be more chaotic in Bon Temps than ever before.

A trailer has just been released for the upcoming season, and it shows Bon Temps panicked and abandoned in the wake of the sickness that has turned the vampires violent.

With the Louisiana setting, and a story line featuring an inactive government seemingly having forgotten about the distraught residents, you cannot fail to notice the connection of the 2005 tropical storm Hurricane Katrina, and the events that followed.

Check out the trailer here:

Stories have already emerged from the upcoming series about at least two new faces arriving in True Blood, both with potentially sinister motives.

All is all then True Blood Season 7 looks like it will see the series off in epic fashion. And there are still many unanswered questions from the last season, not least, about whether Eric is dead!

But are you looking forward to Season 7. And what do you think? Was that trailer hinting at Hurricane Katrina? Write in with all your thoughts and questions below.

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Is the True Blood trailer referencing Hurricane Katrina?


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