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Mark Newton

It looks like Eli Roth's horror classic, Cabin Fever, is the next big name movie to get the remake treatment.

According to Joblo, the original Cabin Fever, which is barely over 10 years old, has been placed in the reboot crosshairs of an currently unspecified studio. Cabin Fever, which tells of a flesh-eating disease that spreads among a bunch of college friends in a cabin in the woods, has since received a couple of sequels since its release, most recently Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. However sources at Cannes claim the next iteration of the franchise will be a straight up remake of the 2002 original.

At the time of writing, it looks like Eli Roth will not be involved in the remake, although indie producers Cassian Elwes and Evan Astrowsky are heading up the project.

What do you think? A great opportunity, or just more cinematic money-grabbing? Let us know below.


Do we really need a Cabin Fever remake?


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