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The POV horror is a form which, when done well, can create a sense of terror like nothing else - and that is exactly what the makers of You Are Not Alone are hoping to do.

A new trailer has been released for the movie, which has the movie-goer see everything that unfolds through the eyes of Natalie, a recent college graduate who visit her hometown for the fourth of July.

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But when it is revealed that a dangerous killer is on the loose in the town, the viewer is filled with a sense of dread - knowing that Natalie will encounter him, even while she is oblivious - but being stuck within her head.

Check out the trailer here, and realize that You Are Not Alone:

So what did you think? Apart from the kind of over-the-top voice over at the start, it looks like it could be pretty scary.

So will You Are Not Alone be a scary and original movie, or just a Maniac rip off?

Write in with your thoughts below the line!

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POV horror You Are Not alone is going to be...


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