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Just a few days on from being official announced as part of the Un Certain Regard sidebar at Cannes next month- and the confirmation that original title How to Catch a Monster would be dropped in favour of the decidedly blander Lost River- the first stills have been released from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut.

The images appear to show the film's star Christina Hendricks in some sort of strange surrealist world. Check em out:

Iain De Caestecker (of Agents of Shield) stars alongside Hendricks and spoke to Empire recently about the project:

It’s about this family living in a town called Lost River, which is perhaps a place that was once full of family and happiness and love, and is now this town that’s slowly descending into a place without any hope. This family is holding onto the foundations of their house and everything they think they need to hold onto.

In all honesty, that first still does look a bit Goosebumps-y for our tastes but the Hendricks bubble head has plenty of promise. It remains difficult to say where this one is heading at all. We know Gosling likes to work with kids but will the film be aimed at them? David Lynch and Terry Gilliam are being referenced by many sources but could it truly be that good?

So many questions. Time will indeed tell.

Are you ready for Gosling as director? Let us know below.

Lost River will premier at Cannes next month with a general release expected later this year.



Gosling finest?


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