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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

1. Batman likes chocolate (wink)!

2. Batman is shy.

3. Batman enjoys dancing!

4. Batman is actually a man that likes to dress up as a woman and apparently he's black too.

5. He's also George Clooney...

6. Batman has feelings too. (I need some Bat-Love)

7. Batman hates sharks!

8. Batman looks stupid next to the Justice League.

9. Batman is annoying in public.

10. Batman has his own boy band...Batstreet Boyz!

11. Batman is a freak in the sheets!

12. Batman has low standards..

13. Batman is Superman's wingman at the club!

14. Batman worries a lot about Superman.

15. Batman enjoys eating potato chips while working.

16. Batman started very young!

17. Batman is a BOSS!

18. Batman blew up a hospital with Robin and Joker!

19. Batman takes LSD.

20. Batman is actually a psycho Christian Bale!

(Source: GIPHY)

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