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As promised, here is Part 2 of favorite "Rick Moments", or, if you prefer, "The Evolution of Rick". Although there wasn't an overwhelming response to Part 1, (and I'm ok with that), just writing these posts are a big help in "feeding" my need for anything Walking Dead. While researching "Rick Moments", I came across an interview with Robert Kirkman for Entertainment Weekly, and he had this to say about Rick........

"Rick Grimes’ evolution has come at the exact right point. This is the Rick Grimes that they need in that train car. And this is the Rick Grimes that the people of Terminus should not have encountered. It is the exact wrong time for them to encounter this guy. So it is supposed to be a somewhat uplifting kind of cliffhanger because you should get a sense that this guy is now ready for anything. He can handle absolutely whatever the word is going to throw at him and that is something we’re going to be exploring in season 5."

And to a question concerning Rick being MIA for 3 episodes in the back half of the season, Kirkman had this to say.....

Well, you know, being apart makes the heart grow fonder and all that stuff. That was all by design. We knew this was going to be a very Rick centric end of the season and we really wanted to come back with Rick Grimes in a big way in this last episode and it was kind of important to the overall arc of the show to build up some of these other side characters and bring them to the forefront and help us get to know them a little bit more and also keep Rick in our back pocket so that the last episode seemed a little bit more unexpected than it would have otherwise.

To Kirkman, Gimple and company, I can only say this...Bravo and a job well done. Every Walking Dead Fan is literally and figuratively chomping at the bit, anticipating October and the Premiere of Season 5. And we all know it will be worth the wait.


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