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Matthew Adkins

Warehouse 13 is/was a fun, kind of sexy and a little risque, but it was definable as entertaining at the least. The effects were well placed, mystery attainable, acting good, and characters well placed. So why did they let it go? Some say for budget for the other popular Continuum, or maybe Defiance. But isn't there other Syfy shows that could have gotten pulled to leave the one that had a never-ending story line ?? Maybe an addition of hot chicks and a dude that doesn't seem more feminine than masculine? The action is there, the drama is there, the entertainment... You get the picture... This not being only a review, but a "your thoughts are" and a plea to keep or sell the franchise, hell move it to NBC!! They need a better line up anyway. CBS is still KING of the prime time entertainment with their top shows, well most of them... another story, another time...

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