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Well, since this is my first post here I'll give a brief about me. First, I am a 20-something, fun, happy and very positive girl. I love all things movie related and my idea of a perfect afternoon is to simply sit on my couch and binge watch movies or TV shows.

Now for the first actual post about The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Living in the Northern California area I am desperate, and I repeat DESPERATE to watch this movie. I can't wait to May 2nd. I'm sooo looking forward to it. Also I love spoilers, because I'm just so impatient and curious, but worry not. I'll always be sharing SPOILER ALERTS when necessary to avoid the horrible feeling of having something magical ruined.

Spidey-lovers what are you most excited about? Jamie Fox? Andrew Garfield? Emma Stone? (I have a super girl crush on her FYI).

I am excited about the story in general, because as it been confirmed by Sony Entertainment the arachnid franchise will have another 2 deliveries, the next one in 2016 and a final one in 2018.

This is a lot of the Spider-verse to cover. We have Venom, Dr. Octopus, Vulture and more Green Goblin for the next sequels, and we have the perfect Mary Jane for our Peter Parker. Shailene Woodley. (I am also very, very romantic).

Last year there was a lot of buzz to the fact that the scenes filmed by talented Shailene Woodley were cut in post-production. Well, I can't wait to see if Marc Webb's decision to cut her is because he's delivering a bigger role to Gwen (Stone) and it will be to increase the passion in the story. So far we've seen trailers and clips closing on the Peter-Gwen romance. A lot of fans ask if this was really necessary. I think it adds something deeper to Peter Parker and it certainly paves the way for Mary Jane to come into the picture in the third installment.

Just another week and we'll see. I really can't wait! and SPOILER ALERT! those who don't want to know anything about the fate of one character, better turn away now or scroll down to the last paragraph! You have been warned.


For spoiler addicts and those who have family or friends in Europe, Australia or Mexico, you probably already know that Stone's portrayal of Gwen in posterior movies will be basically a memory, a ghost haunting Peter or a vision to comfort him, since she tragically dies in a similar way to her comic counterpart.

Yes, that happens and I think this was necessary. Gwen even in the comics is Peter's first love, that passionate young love that you probably never forget, and when the comic-gods didn't knew what to do with their relationship they killed Gwen off. This death resulted in a more causios and closed spiderman and that didn't changed with the introduction of Mary Jane, not at first.

Eventually comic Spider-Man finds a way to marry M.J and she's seen as Peter's soulmate by some. Others think of Gwen as her soulmate. I think that he loved Gwen deeply but that doesn't mean he doesn't love M.J. She becomes her reason to fight and her family. So that's a lot of dramatic romantic plot for a third installment. It will be very 'will-they-won't-they' kind of thing. I'll be surprised if she doesn't know he's Spider-Man by the end of the film.

And then for the fourth, they have to end up together and both of them have to fight and defeat all of the other villains that will be gathering around Spider-Man. The end of this film shows Rhino (portrayed by talented Paul Giamatti) and even when he's in the whole film for just mere minutes it makes a point. There will be more villains to fight and Spider-Man will be there to defeat them.

I mean he's the hero. It's not like we are expecting him to fail.


Now I'll have more insight about the quality of the movie and the actual performances once I have actually seen it. But because of reasons I can't really understand all of us in the U.S we have to wait another week, one more to get our Spidey-on!

Share and leave your comments. I'll post new and exciting stuff soon! Also leave me a comment on what you like to watch on TV and I'll be happy to write about it too.


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