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Hello to all out there!

Happy to be posting here now! If you happen to find me writing in other channel, blog or social media about Once Upon A Time, well, you already know that I am in love. L.O.V.E with this show.

I have loved it since day one (October 2011) and god I felt so frustrated by this episode but at the same time intrigued!

The first thing I need to say is... Do you EP's of OUAT have hired a devoted continuist? (hire me! me!) You should talk with that other writer-producer duo Bays-Thomas or simply snatch what they had, a continuity team! cause wow, was a great show in terms of continuity.

What Horowitz and the other whose name I don't remember presented Sunday night was a really big effort to make sure Zelena was Regina's half sister and only half sister. And then they overlooked completely the fact that Eva was


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