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To continue my terrible vision for a PG-13 PR universe, I am leading you through the 2nd movie in the series; Quantum Ranger. I'll start this the same way I started my 'Green Ranger' article with the casting of the Quantum Ranger, Dan Southworth.

Southwarth has shown he can act very well within a dark, gritty world through Mortal Kombat: Legacy playing Kenshi. Southworth stated that if he could come back to portray Eric Myers in a more serious way, he would. And why not have the guy that made Eric Myers the 2nd best character in the Power Rangers universe right after Tommy Oliver, come back to play the Quantum Ranger?

Now, the villain was a little tricky for me to pick. So, I thought why not have the villain be a failed villain from the Time Force Rangers past. I looked at all the villains from that season of Power Rangers. And I came up with this...


Quick history lesson; Doomtron was created by Frax, a human turned robot, to destroy humans & mutants a-like. So, in a shorten version, a robot only controlled by another robot to destroy non-mechanic beings. This will lead into the main villain behind all of the chaos foretold by Zordon's last message.

Let's get into the plot. We start the movie off minutes after the post-credit scene in Green Ranger. Eric is being reprimanded by the higher officer in charge. The 2 are bickering back & forth. By the end of the argument, the higher officer suspends Eric for not following orders & endangering the lives of civilians. Eric storms off talking to himself; "I help save the world & this is the thanks I get? I am so done being a damn pony boy." Yes, 'damn' would be used as it is a PG-13 movie.

For the opening credits, I would have it either after this scene or before it. If after this scene, the whole thing would be highlights of the Quantum Ranger throughout the series. If before the scene, I would have a little opening for the movie title then the rest of the opening credits be during the argument. Now, after Eric leaves the Guardians, we catch up with him at a bar.

At the bar, we get a quick cameo from Wes Collins, whom by now is the CEO of the Silver Guardians. Eric, still in uniform, is finishing a cup of whatever he drinks when Wes shows up in a suit to talk about Eric's suspension. As Eric takes his first glance at Wes, he instantly states "Oh, come on. You don't have to babysit me, Wes." Wes replies "Well, if you didn't have to disobey every order that comes your way, I might not have to." Camera changes back to Eric giving the "Oh-f**k-off" face. Wes, "Why did you go after that mutant by yourself? It's not like he posed a threat to anyone." Eric, "Cause I know I could of handled it by myself even if he did pose a threat." "You know, now that mutants are leaving both the planet & time stream, we don't have to be that violent anymore. We're mainly here to protect Earth when needed." responded by Wes. "It's as if we became useless, Wes. You know that. Soon, we will all be obsolete. Come on, Wes, admit it, you miss being a Ranger as much as I do." Wes, "There are days that I catch myself daydreaming about it. But, I'm happy with how my life has turned out since then. Why aren't you?" Eric, "Because Wes, back then I meant something. That was the only time I felt alive. The only time I felt whole. I need to feel important again." Eric garbs his wallet & drops a $20 on the table. Eric, "Nice talking to you, Wes. I'll see you later."

This bar scene sets up the whole movies theme; An ex-hero that feels forgotten by the world ends up being their hero once again. We jump to Eric walking down the street then cutting through an alley. Eric then hears a sound coming from his pocket. He reaches in to pull out his destroyed morpher. Then, in the magic of CGI, Eric gets shocked even worse than when he found the morpher. Eric gets knocked out by the shock. He then wakes up minutes later to find the morpher stuck to his wrist. Completely fixed.

So, now we get Eric trying out the morpher. And it barely works. Yes, this scene is a metaphorical c**k block. So, now we have a man with a very powerful morpher that works like poo-poo & an even more depressing feel in the movie. We now go to a gym where Eric is in the middle of doing some pull-ups. We hear the music Eric is listening to, which is Kira Ford (Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger) because he finds her music soothing.

I do plan on bringing Kira back in this picture soon. But, back to the plot. We hear Kira singing. It'll be a full song. During the song, we see Eric doing different exercises. By the end of the song, we see Eric walking out of the locker room when we see a war zone raging outside the gym. It's a crap ton of Cyclobots with some somewhat familiar features added on.

So, naturally, Eric rushes outside to help contain. Eric is kicking ass & taking names cause that's who he is. In the middle of the fight, Eric looks over to see a family being jumped by a small group of Cyclobots. Eric goes to save the family. Eric shoves his body in front of the family, positioning himself for a heroic sacrifice. As the Cyclobots go in for a final blow, that's when the morpher kicks on & morphs Eric causing an energy blast destroying the small group of Cyclobots in front of him. We see Eric taking care of the whole army of Cyclobots. Eric demorphs & gets thanked by the family. Eric runs into the Silver Guardians finally arriving at the scene of the attack. In the back is Wes in shock that Cyclobots are back & even more powerful than ever. Eric pulls Wes off to the side to let Wes know that the Quantum Power has returned. Wes in denial, "Eric, when will you leave the dream alone? The power is gone forever." Eric replies with anger, "Wes, if anyone will believe me it's you. You know anything is possible. Let me show you." Wes, "Stop. You are fixated on being a hero again. Go home, Eric. Just go home."

We then see Wes walking off on Eric. Jump to the next scene, Eric is driving home. Eric is venting to himself. He pulls into his driveway. Camera change to inside his house looking directly at the front door. Eric walks in, turns to the living room to find another small army of Cyclobots waiting to kill him. Eric starts defending himself. Camera change again to a robot over looking the fight from another room in Eric's house. Eric finally gets the opportunity to morph. Just like in Green Ranger, we get a new morph graphic.

Eric finishes everyone till it's just him & the unnamed robot watching over everything. This robot will be a character created for the movie. Eric starts fighting the robot. Of course, Eric gets knocked down a couple times. Eric finally wins. After this, we get Eric trying to find Wes to let Wes know that the Cyclobots just attacked him at his place. Eric ends up running into Wes office at the Silver Guardians HQ to find out that Wes is in the ICU because of Cyclobots attacking Wes in his office. Eric runs outside to his car to contact Jen & the other Rangers to hopefully get help finding out who is really behind the attacks. But Eric fails to make contact. Eric tries to start the car but everything mechanical is dead. Someone is controlling Earth's defenses. Eric gets out of his car to find the unnamed robot (if you have a name for this guy, please feel free to put it in the comments) & a group of Cyclobots.

Now we are coming up to the final battle. Eric starts yelling at the robot, saying "What does Wes have to do with what you're doing? He doesn't have any powers left to be any kind of threat to you!" The robot responds, "Powers or no powers, any Ranger, past or present is a threat to my masters plan. The Power Rangers are to be destroyed at any means necessary." Eric screams, "OVER MY DEAD BODY, FREAK!" Eric morphs mid-run towards the group of Cyclobots. We get a good 2 minutes of Eric fighting the group, kicking ass like usual. Now, we are down to Eric & the robot. We get what Cap & Bucky got in Cap 2; the stare down to end all stare downs. Eric pulls out the Quantum Defender while the robot pulls out his own sword. BAM! We see a rocking sword fight between the 2 till the robot starts feeling defeated.

The robot backs off a little bit to threaten Eric by saying "You might of won this battle but the war is far from over!" Then runs off & teleports. Eric starts slowly walking towards the spot the robot was to see if he can find something. As soon as Eric gets to the spot, there is an earthquake-like movement. Eric turns around to find Doomtron hovering over the city. Realizing that Doomtron is way too big for him to fight without a zord, Eric calls for the Quantasarus Rex. Of course, like the Dragon Zord, updated look; nothing too major though. We first see the Q-Rex kicking ass in Dino Mode then (with a new graphic) transform into Warrior Mode. Eric kills Doomtron & the robot. Now that the battle is over, Eric goes to the hospital to check up on Wes. Eric is giving Wes his apology for not being there to help stop the Cyclobots. When is done, he gets up to leave when he is stopped instantly by an old friend standing in the doorway; Tommy Oliver. Eric asks "What are you doing here? I thought you were across the country teaching high school brats?" Tommy replies, "Yeah well, turns out there is some unfinished business that needs to be taken care of. I was wondering if you were ready to get back in the game again?" Eric, without skipping a beat, "I'm in. So, where are we stopping first?" End credits.

But, like 'Green Ranger', there are some more scenes. Mid-credits: We are shown the interior of the Dino Thunder command center under Tommy's home. In bold lettering, "One Week Ago" at the bottom of the screen. In the room, Kira is doing work for Tommy while singing cause she is that bored. She then stops singing & starts talking to herself; "This is so not what I thought this internship was going to be." Tommy walks in with cuts & bruises all over the place. Telling us that 'Quantum Ranger' isn't that far off of 'Green Ranger'. Kira, not knowing of what happened, turns around telling Tommy exactly what she said before he walked in; "You know, Dr. Oliver, this isn't exactly what I... Oh my God, what happened!? You look like you were just drug through 5 miles of gravel!" Tommy looks at her, "I'm fine. Just had a little reunion with someone I thought was dead." Kira, "Well, is the guy gone now? Or is he...?" Tommy, "He's gone. But there is someone new out there that wants Earth. I just don't know who yet. One good thing came out of this. I got my powers back." Kira, "Wait. You got your powers back? But I thought the Dino Powers were gone forever?" Tommy, "I didn't get my Dino Powers back, I got my Dragon Powers back." Kira, confused out of her mind, "The powers Rita created? I thought the powers were just temporary? How did you get them back?" Tommy, revealing how most of the rangers in this PG-13 movie-verse gets their powers back, "Zordon, Alpha 5, & a couple of old friends (Billy Cranston (Blue MM) & the Phantom Ranger) used the Zeo Crystals to make a back-up plan in case they couldn't stop this threat. The plan was that once I returned, I can assemble a team of my choosing. I only had enough energy to give a couple Rangers there powers back. There were only a few people I could rely on. You, Eric Myers & Jason Lee Scott were the only people I can rely on to help out right now. Eric has kept contact with me in case he ever needed my help with anything. Kira, I chose you because I know you would choose to fight this war with me no matter what. I need you fight with me again. So, what do you say?" Kira, stunned, "Yes." More credits. Blah, blah, blah. More credits. Post credits scene: "Elsewhere"... We see the Phantom Ranger running. He has his communication open to someone we do not of just yet. He's yelling, "They're coming! I need some help down here!" This sets up the next movie, 'Phantom Ranger'.

So, more than likely, my next article is going to be the plot of 'Phantom Ranger'. I know that the mid-credits scene could be better but I needed a scene like that to help introduce Kira into the new team. But, comment what you want. Let it be good or bad, give me insight on what you want, what you liked or disliked, or something that you want put into the PG-13 movie-verse & I'll try my hardest to incorporate it in.


What do you think of my Power Rangers PG-13 movie-verse so far?


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