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Before we start we all need to agree that the original trilogy was far superior to the prequels. The story was more original, the characters were well developed and Luke didn't weirdly state that he 'hates sand.'

But does this mean the prequels where terrible? If you think about it, the only three things that the the got really wrong were A) Jar Jar Binks; B) The cheesy dialogue; and C) too much political crap. But these things in and by themselves don't mark the film as terrible, because the original had problems too. Most notably: the Ewoks themselves, Boba Fett dying too soon and some of the CGI re-edits. So, both films have problems. But nowadays every one is saying "jeez, I hope they don't make Episode 7 like the prequels!"But were they really that bad? Did the problems in the Prequels mean more than the problems in the original trilogy because they came afterwards? In fact, Episode 7 could actually use the new ideas and aspects that the prequels put on the table, not just from the original trilogy.

With all that as a backdrop we're on our way. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons why we should not hate the prequels and what Episode 7 can learn from them.

1. The CGI

Now the prequels took CGI to the next level. They didn't make remakes of the prequels with extra CGI, because all the prequel films where based on CGI. Now some argued that Lucas was an idiot for using CGI, but is he really? Does the CGI make the films a lesser addition?

Well, not really. We all have to agree that the light saber fights and the Clone War scenes where epic and exciting. When Lucas reverted from model effects to full scale CGI, some people where pretty upset that Lucas had abandoned his model effects, but does that make him a bad person? At the start of the 2000's, CGI was a HUGE thing for directors everywhere. During his interviews, Lucas would state how he always wanted to better way to "tell his story" and now with CGI, he could do whatever he wanted! It's almost like getting a brand new toy that you have always wanted: do we really blame you for playing with it? For Lucas, CGI was a miracle gift so we can't really blame him for jumping right in and making the prequels CGI galore.

So what can [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) do with this? Well, the original trilogy had better storylines and characters, while the prequels had better action scenes. So Episode 7 can take up the challenge of balancing the two aspects to make a huge hit. And with J.J Abrams directing it, I don't see how that's a problem.

2. The Plot lines

One of the reasons Phantom Menace was bashed about (besides Jar Jar) was because it had a overabundance of politics nobody cared about. But by Episode 2, it was getting better. You have to admit, watching Palpatines rise to power by deceiving the senate to grant him emergency powers was pretty enticing and gave a lot of dark thoughts to fan-boys everywhere. It also added a new dimension to the Dark side, on how they hid in groups of two and worked there way to power by using others as pawns. I have to say that the plot lines in Episodes 2 and 3 where pretty dark, which is fine when you have a movie with hilariously stupid moments (e.g C-3PO falling apart), but also the plots effectively showed how Sky walker became Darth Vader and how the Empire was formed and most importantly: The Clone Wars.

So what can Episode 7 do from this? Well, we know TO much political crap is boring, but when you add the Dark tone of politics and how high members use others as pawns, you can make a very intriguing plot line. Also, the Star Wars Universe is huge, so I don't see how they can make a wide spread Game Of Thrones style political struggle while also giving us the epic battle scenes.

3. Jar Jar Binks

Before you close out of this article angrily, allow me to explain why he's on this list.

The Phantom Menace was doomed to fail when this guy showed up, but in Episode 2, he got a smaller but effective role. George must have known he was a failure, and then put him to good use by making him do something that ultimately lead to Palpatines rise. Think about it: Palpatine needed emergency powers in order to authorize the Clone Army. But first, someone needed to start the vote. Knowing that Jar Jar can easily be baited, Palpatine guilted him into voting for emergency powers. So, Jar Jar was the one that started Palpatines final move to power. Now this was not a bad idea on Georges part. He knew that Jar Jar was an idiot, so he put him to good use by being a huger idiot. Not with practical humor, but politically wise.

So what can Episode 7 do with this? I don't think that anyone wants to see Jar Jar return, but his character can be mentioned and JJ Abrams can use his character as an example on how politicians can use others as pawns for their own ends. And like I said in number 2, political infighting can be interesting if it has a darker tone.

So there we have it. Three reasons why the prequels where not wastes and what Episode 7 can learn from them. Did this article convince you, or do you still wanna put a lightsaber through Jar Jar?


Did this article convince you?


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