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Errol Teichert

Have you ever been watching a movie and just thought to yourself, "Haven't I seen something like this before?" I know I sure have. And while I hold the belief that that feeling is due to the existence of exactly zero original ideas in the world, there is no doubt that a great many modern filmmakers take inspiration from other great films. So here are just a few films in which I find great similarity with some bona fide classic.

The Raimi Spider-Man trilogy/The Godfather trilogy
Obviously I am not saying that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies are the best movies ever, but I have no doubt that at least two of them will be classics someday. The similarity in the two trilogies is this: The first installment of each was a groundbreaking cinematic landmark, progressing the medium technically and artistically by leaps and bounds. Each first installment was followed by a superior second installment, which took the foundation that the first laid and made it better in every conceivable way.


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