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a picture is worth a thousand words, so how do you explain a thousand pictures?
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::SCROLL FORWARD TO 2. IF YOUD RATHER SKIP MY BRIEF SELF REFLECTION.... I dont really blame you but i had to write it for my own sake ;) ::

BIG UP TO @Alisha Grauso on making me man up.. you didnt do much but that wasnt the first time you asked me to write.


I have been tempted, time and time again, to write something on this website about all the movies that have kicked ass over the last fews years, but ultimately have, for whatever reason, decided not to do so. My apprehension seems silly considering that I LOVE cinema. I love storytelling. I love ART and when they all come together into something that makes you walk away daydreaming of becoming a superhero or living in a particular world you should respond. But, sometimes when it has hit such a nerve, it makes it that much harder to sum up in words what it is exactly that you wish to say.

You know that you are infinitely affected by that experience and in that experience, you want to react, you want to explain to everyone and anyone why you thought it kicked ass or why youre going to go home and write a huge review of it on a website created for, and maintained by likeminded people. Believe me.. there have been so many times where thats exactly what I wanted to do, but sometimes I think the best thing with art is the gestation period. In other words, figuring out what it is you want to say before you say it. (YES Im one of thooooose people). I prefer to meditate on my thoughts before i express them outwardly.. its part of my process, as an artist and as thinker. This all being said (and im sorry to take up your time) I have wondered what my first article would be about, If i ever decided to even write one. Well! here it is.


Have you ever thought of a potential sequel to a movie you've always loved? If youre reading this article, I'm already convinced you know what movie and what potential sequel IM talking about (Im sure the banner gave you slight clue ;) ).

But maybe you have thought and dreamed of a potential sequel to your favorite movie, and maybe they went ahead and made it. maybe they made it and it was everything you ever dreamed of because you were just so pleased that they went ahead and decided to venture further into a storyline/universe you loved so much already, orrr maybe they went ahead and destroyed every single thing that you loved so much in that universe/storyline in the hopes of making a quick buck off of a name and product that had already sold, and most likely sold well.

We all know of the success/failure stories I speak of. Sometimes, as a fan, you want more, but as an intellectual, you realize that urge is without warrant, because sometimes (as my painting professors always said) "less is more". ( or as women have said to me) Sometimes saying too much ruins the mystique... Sometimes the idea for potential is more exciting than its actual realization.

Before i get to any points of this article, I want to remind all of my readers here that this has nothing to do with anything real or heard. It is in fact, pure improvisation and imagination about one of the best movies created in our modern age.

I hope that by the title of this article youve realized that im simply expressing my opinion about what COULD be an amazing sequel and in all honesty, there is no grounds for this post other than to service my imagination ( and hopefuly yours ) and to simply day dream... like I do every time I walk away from an amazing work of art ( whether its a painting on a wall or movie in a cinema). Because that is exactly what art is meant to do. whether it is a comic book or movie. a painting or a documentary. Good art is meant to wake the creative spirit in all of us. Good art is also meant to bring about conversation, whether it is deemed "intellectual" or not, is all about a matter of perception, and quite frankly if your talking about something, I think that in it of itself is an intellectual act. Agreement and disagreement alike are valid means to expression, but how you express may limit or expand the size of your audience.

That all being said, I want to voice my opinion of a movie that I have thought for a long, long time would be an amazing addition to the world of Cinema. "The Professional 2".

Now before you scream "monster" and run for your pitchfork, hear me out. "Leon: The Professional" was, in my opinion, a masterpiece. It had an awesome cast, an appropriate amount of action, violence, (and just as important, if not more important) a valid reason for that violence. It had an amazing script, intriguing character development, and amazing characters to begin with. Its cast was significant in that those who needed to be perfect were just that for their roles and those who didnt, (the scum cops) werent. It charmed the audience with its innocence, it destroyed its audience with its crushing reality and it charged us with a sense of dedication to honoring the ambiguity we all face in life. It was a love story without the literal example of love, but rather of the bond that can grow between two people given the right situation. A love of protector and of the abused.

It was loaded with the theme of innocence. While Matilda was obviously the direct example of innocence, coming from an abusive and neglectful family, Leon too, lacked a knowledge of the world. He was in many ways, a child himself, going to the black and white movies of a generation long past in order to entertain his senses with something other than what was involved with his morbid profession.

It was a revenge thriller for both characters. Leon felt in Matilda the need to regain something he had long gone without through her wisdom of youth and creativity and Matilda once again was the literal translation to seeking revenge for her fallen family- more specifically- her younger brother.

This movie is an underrated expose of emotion, most easily found in the example of its main theme: revenge.


So now to the part this article is meant to be all about. the idea of a sequel.

how could we follow up a movie like "LEON" with a sequel. well think about it for a second.. because its such an interesting idea. Obviously Jean Reno would no longer be a character, but MAtilda was played by an actress who now is a household name and additionally, very well trained.


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