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Giancarlos Calderon

What's happening gamers! Today's talk involves about Resident Evil. My opinion is that Resident Evil started to fall down the drain when Paul W.S. Anderson made the live action movies. Surely the movies had the creatures, the characters, Umbrella, and the only one that was more like the game was Resident Evil: Apocalypse since of course they had Jill, Nemesis, Carlos and Nicholai.

However, some people told me that the Alice character is cool. Well, I suppose in some ways she actually is, but I just hated that Matrix and kung fu bull they added in the movies, that all of a sudden it started to be seen in the games. However, Code Veronica X had awesome action sequences and fight scenes between Chris and Wesker that seemed to be a little bit Matrix-like, but at least unlike the movies, the developers did not exceeded themselves with that. To me, basically, Paul W.S. Anderson butchered Resident Evil and it is no wonder that the series is not scary as it used to be, when you played this game at night and you would poop in your pants never knowing what zombie or monster lied ahead.

I agreed with my cousin saying that if only Capcom looks at the example of EA and Visceral Games of how they made Dead Space, Resident Evil would STILL be scary. What I hate most about Capcom, is that they decided to make this game series Call of Duty style to appeal to American audiences. That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. A quote from Raiden in MK9: "The Lin Kuei have a reputation of making ruinous choices".

Well, Capcom has had a knack of making ruinous choices as well; handing movie rights for Resident Evil and Street Fighter to Hollywood, making Resident Evil action based, overworking Yoshinori Ono, and even going so far to kill Mega Man by cancelling Mega Man Legends 3. My point is that Resident Evil needs a reboot, so it can be just as scary as it was back in the old days. Capcom should take their heads out of their asses, and stop making ruinous decisions. We veteran fans of Resident Evil would love to have that scary feeling again, eerie music and theme songs that would make you freak out whenever playing this game all alone at night. God Bless and Play Hard Gamers!


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