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Lindsay Lohan might be best known for her multiple mishaps and misfortunes, but in some aspects she is officially the luckiest girl in Hollywood.

Remember that enviable hookup list? Well it turns out that Lilo did indeed write it with her own fair hand. That's right, kids. Lindsay Lohan's freckled thighs have been wrapped around such grade A man meat as Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake AND Orlando Bloom. Well, maybe...

Lindsay Lohan's infamous sex list
Lindsay Lohan's infamous sex list

The actress took to Watch What Happens Live recently and told Andy Cohen that she did indeed scribe the list, but she has not yet said what the names actually signify.

She is, of course, saving that golden nugget to squeeze some blood from her docuseries Lindsay's disappointing ratings...

Lohan explained to Cohen that;

That (the list) was actually my 5th step in AA at Betty Ford. Someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it.. That's a really personal thing and it's really unfortunate

The plot thickens! Whereas I am disappointed that my amateur detective work has been thwarted, the new context Lindsay has placed the list in makes a lot more sense.

In Touch's claim that the list was found in a hotel room summoned up a bizarre mental image Lilo's wild party clan playing Scategories, but a rehab centre is much more believable locale for alphabet games.

Of course you are subjected to bonding games and activities at Betty Ford! The idea of Lohan woefully rolling her eyes as she is subjected to her 5th game of Scategories and some sort of low level Rorschach test is almost the final piece in the puzzle!

But the question on everyone's lips is what do the names actually mean? If it isn't a collection of conquests, I can only imagine it might be people who have tempted her to get wasted again. But, why all men?

What do you think that Lindsay Lohan's list could really be about?


What will Lindsay Lohan cough up about her list on her OWN show?

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