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Most red-blooded ladies would usually be jumping at the chance say they were bumping uglies with gorgeous star of The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder. But Chief Operation Officer of the online magazine merging activism with breaking news, RYOT, Molly Swenson has just debunked all rumors that the pair are dating.

Swenson and Somerhalder just messin' around
Swenson and Somerhalder just messin' around

The two have been spotted hanging around with each other a lot recently, and Ian is on the RYOT's advisory board - so these two certainly have a lot in common with trying to put the world to right. But, apparently, those are just Somerhalder's environmental charms showing themselves, and nothing more, as their relationshop remains strictly platonic.

These two are not an item - and Molly can tell you exactly why. Revealing all on her Twitter page recently, the RYOT COO said that she's had another guy in tow "for 2 years". Check this out for evidence!

Huh. So, while Somerhalder has a humongous host of female fans, it appears Molly Swenson is not among them. Not yet, anyway!

Are you glad to hear that Ian still seems to be single, then? Or do you with he'd settle down with a lovely lady? Is Nina Dobrev definitely out of the picture? Hit me up with your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 P.M. ET on The CW.


Ian Somerhalder just needs to hurry up and...

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