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The Goonies was one of the most iconic kids movies of all time. And it appears it will get a sequel, 30 years after the original!

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Richard Donner, who directed the original movie, was interviewed in the street recently. And while at first he feigned never to have heard of his 1985 classic, later he was pressed into admitting:

Hopefully we’re going to get this done, period. Spielberg came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years. You don’t do it without him, and he came up with another storyline and he’s right on.

Not a great deal else is known about the project, though fans will see Steven Spielberg's involvement as a big deal.

There was a previous script floating around somewhere, which saw the children of the original cast embark on an adventure of their own, though whether that story line will remain in place is still unclear.

But what do you think? Who would you like to see be the focus of The Goonies 2, the original cast 30 years on? Or a new generation?

Write your thoughts in the comments below!

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