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This one just wont give up.

Joseph Kosinski was handed the Tron: Legacy job after picking up awards for his Mad World trailer for Gears of War back in 2006. The first time director managed to make something beautiful out of the story but it was a cold, surface sort of beauty. On top of this- while in no way a box office disaster- the long awaited film was a disappointment financially and critically too. Surely the end of the franchise, we all thought, but now it seems Kosinski is begging to differ.

The director claims he is currently working on a script and that Cillian Murphy's character- the son of Legacy's bad guy, who apparently was only added to the second instalment a few weeks before release- is the key:

Dillinger was a really important part of the first 'Tron' and it felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son in 'Tron Legacy. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of Tron. We didn't want to ignore it completely, and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film."

Right on.

We haven't heard an enormous amount but the project does seem to be picking up some sort of pace. Olivia Wilde uttered some syllables around this time last year and Garret Hedlund mumbled something similar in December so who's to know.

Hey, If Daft Punk make it back maybe we will too, but will you? Let us know below.

Stay tuned. More on TRON 3 as we get it.

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