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Devil's Due is the story of a couple who are unknowingly spied upon by a mysterious cult, and the woman in impregnated with an evil spirit, possibly with the child of the devil himself.

The movie follows in the tradition of found-footage movies such as The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, trying to combine its special effects with a realism in order to heighten the sense of the mundane and the supernatural existing side by side.

And while Devil's Due has not been universally well received (it holds a pretty dismal score of 33 on Metacritic) there are well-executed moments within the film.

Take a look at a few of the scariest here (although bear with it, the first isn't all that good) as well as seeing directing troop Radio Silence discuss how they were done:

The last one, flying in the air and landing on the car, was pretty cool.

But what do you think is the best found-footage horror movie of all time?

Write in with your thoughts in the comments below.


The best found footage horror movie is...


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