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So Arrow has got me thinking about Birds of Prey. For those of you that watched the short lived show you probably enjoyed it to some extent. Myself, I enjoyed a female based Superhero show. I thought it was a nice departure from the normal male based point of views. What I didn't like was the plot, the origin of some of the characters (Huntress being Bats and Cats kid) and the fact that Batman just disappeared. The plot could have worked better with a little fine tuning. Its been suggested before that a Birds of Prey reboot could be spun off of Arrow. I can see that happening but it would mean losing some pretty important Characters.

Who would you lose?.... Well if you are spinning off of Arrow and sticking with the same characters from the original Birds of Prey you would need three major players.

1. Huntress. Shes locked up. Id have her realize Oliver was right and want to atone for her actions. Have Oliver going in to question her on someone she has ties to. Have her apologize and help him by telling him everything she could but in the middle a prison guard that works for whoever she is informing on shots her to silence her. Plot ensues and the criminal is brought to Arrow like justice. Helena is left in critical care. At the end of the episode or string of episodes we see a nurse going into Helena's room and then screams for the guard outside her room...Shes gone.

2. Canary. This would obviously depend on what happens in Arrow with Canary but eventually I think she will go her separate way. Id have her kill someone at some point and basically need to get away for a while and figure things out. tell Oliver she has an old friend that is in *insert which ever city will be used in Birds of Prey here* She leave and now Oliver can go for her sister again... Im pretty sure that's whats going to happen in the show anyway, Tag Laurel's it.

3. Oracle...but wait Oracle isn't in Arrow...Felicity is though (and shes basically Oracle, just like Arrow is basically Batman). If Arrow is going to stay around for the long haul she needs to stay on the show though. I would introduce a new character. Someone Felicity know and calls on for a special project that she cant handle. Give him a bond with Canary so when Canary leaves maybe he follows or at least giver her his number? Oh did you catch that...I said "he" not she... yea so all chicks are great but I think it would be a nice twist to have the girls in power and leave the guys at home manning the computer (pun intended).

First off the 3 girls format was great and I would keep it, I know I want to switch Oracle to a dude...I also don't want to call him Oracle... I do want to introduce a 4th character though. I think If you are going to go with the whole Birds of Prey theme I would use Raven. Shes a great character that can bring a little mysticism and introduce the metahuman element to the show. For those of you that don't know Raven she is an empath who can teleport and control her "soul-self," which can fight physically, as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her body. I would start her off as a younger girl feeling all the pain in the city and wanting to help stop it. Have her start off as a fledgling crime fighter that bumps into Canary one night. Eventually Canary can take her under her wing (pun intended once again). Add in a Cop love interest for Huntress and some big bad Crime Boss and a few bad metahumans and you have yourself a show.

I think Birds of Prey deserves a reboot. And I think they could spin off the success of Arrow. What do you all think? Leave your comments and Ideas below.

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Reboot Birds of Prey?


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