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We recently lost both a stellar actor and a charitable human being with the untimely passing of Paul Walker. So it is with bitter sweet curiosity that we venture to the cinema to see him in his last completed feature film:

Brick Mansions

To be honest, it will be difficult to criticise this movie under the circumstances. However, if it's anything as good as the trailer, looks like we're in for an action packed thrill ride to rival... whichever of the 7 Fast & The Furious movies you judge to be the best (but obviously, it's the first one).

Action not your thang? Well then, what's wrong with you?

Kidding, we have options for EVERYONE!

The Quiet Ones

"If we can cure one patient, we cure all mankind".

Bit of a weird thing to say, Mr. Scientist; looks to me like this girl is suffering from something quite unique. Either way, looks like a scare a minute and I'll definitely watch this one (in the middle of the day, surrounded by a big group of friends and followed by back to back episodes of Parks and Recreation).

The Other Woman

Umm...let's ask what co-star Nicki Minaj thinks of this movie:

Well, the lady has spoken! We've had a few early reviews for this one, and even Joan from The 2 Jews (normally beaming with positivity) offered a mere 2 bagels out of 5. But perhaps one of you thinks it's worth more dough? Willing to hear a rebuttal, anyone.... anyone?


In other news, I'm happy to announce that ONCE AGAIN, [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) won box office glory over the Easter weekend, taking in $25.6 million in its third week. This was closely followed by [Heaven Is For Real](movie:1095226) with $22.5 million (good timing with that release)!

Why am I so happy, you ask? Because I get to do this again:

You're all welcome!
You're all welcome!

Place your bets on the Birthday Boy!

Now we've all heard the rumours that Channing Tatum might be up for the role of Gambit in... the movie about Gambit. I want to be nice to him, because it's his 34th birthday today, but... I. Just. Can't. Do. It.

So I'll leave this one to you:


Who would you BET ON to play the best Gambit?

Here's a burning question for you: Is Gambit actually a Pirate, from the Caribbean?

Wow, that linked seamlessly to my next topic of conversation!

Pirates 5

That's right folks, it's been confirmed! And I would personally love to hear your thoughts on what this might mean for the franchise.


Pirates 5: Mistake or Magic?

If you chose option 3: good news! There is also a new [Underworld 5](movie:393195) Movie confirmed.

It seems a successful trilogy just isn't enough anymore. Can't wait to watch Frozen 7 with my kids some day.


Will You see Underworld 5 without Kate Beckinsale?

As always, hit me up if you've got anything to ask/ add/ discuss!


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