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Popular art gallery and online store Mondo is set to unveil the "Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo" comics-themed show featuring artist Mike Mitchell's iconic portraits of Marvel's huge roster of heroes and villains. Marvel recently sat down with Mike and Justin Ishmae, Creative Director/CCO for Mondo, to find out more about the show, their love for the Marvel brand and much more! Below is a short snippet from the interview. Let's say a fan has just come off the street and never heard of Mondo. Can you give a brief synopsis of what Mondo is for the fans that aren’t aware?
Justin Ishmael: We are like you. We are just like you, we like all the same things or similar. We make the sort of things that you like. We do posters, we're doing soundtracks, [and] we’re doing gallery shows. I think this year we’ll branch out to other arenas but hopefully those are accepted like these other ones were. We try to do stuff for things that we like and we’re enthusiastic about. We try to make things that we feel represent those things or that we would buy ourselves.
Loki Print, Mike Mitchell
Loki Print, Mike Mitchell Finally, how can fans pick up prints of these?
Justin Ishmael: The show opens April 25 and that’s obviously in Austin at our gallery and then we’ll announcing after, if there’s any leftover, they’ll be going online at but the best way to find out any information about us is We kind of give you all the updates on, “Hey, this is going on sale tomorrow,” or “Hey, we’re sold out of these, there’s none left,” or whatever the case may be.
Hawkeye Print, Mike Mitchell
Hawkeye Print, Mike Mitchell

The gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX and the show will run from April 25 through May 17. For more information and art from Mike and Justin, follow them on Twitter at @sirmitchell and @MondoNews respectively.

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