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Dawn Lodrigue

So vampires are a dying trend, they say? Yes, and apparently Angels are gonna be the new immortal heartthrobs. After the success of the wave of wizards with movies in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series, vampires took a bite out of the big screen. Twilight introduced us to immortals with teeth and hearts, and Vampire Academy tried to bring a little humor into the new YA vampire theme. Next, we are experiencing multiple sci-fi action movies in the YA world with The Hunger Games, Divergent, and soon to hit The Giver and The Maze Runner. Of course, Hollywood is searching for its next trend, and lucky for us, its Heaven and Hell inspired.

Angels are coming. No, not the apocalypse, but two new novels to movies hope to have these immortals with wings steal your heart.

Fallen, the YA novel to movie series by Lauren Kate, actually is in the end of production as we speak. The series centers around Luce Price and her fascination with a certain, boy, um, angel. The battle for her soul begins with a dark angel and a not so dark angel at a correctional school in a dark swamp. Is that emo enough for you? In all actuality though, to me, this plot was far better than Twilight, I liked Lucinda Price and the fact that there was a reason she was so unfortunate. I look forward to an immortal romance with a few hellish situations. Personally, I look forward to Swords and Cross coming alive on screen, and all of the angels running around.

Now there are rumors flying around about the up and coming adaptation of the novel Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. The main character is Nora Grey, and at the age of sixteen, she meets Patch Cipriano. I will avoid over doing the plot here, by simply saying Patch is dangerous as hell and to me this sounds like a cross between Twilight and a horror possession movie with a love story. Hope lies with this one in rumored casting, as both Theo James and Ian Somerhalder are actors being linked to the male lead. Though both are quite a bit old for the role, they do draw crowds and may be two of the best looking men alive. The plus, being Theo James is a kick ass actor as well.

So, two large book franchises, both with angels, on their way, have the chance to become the next big thing. I would like to think something more original could be adapted onto the big screen. Can I be the first to suggest Lauren Kate’s Teardrop to be adapted? I mean, c’mon, there is a girl with ties to Atlantis and the freak who tried to kill her coming together in a small Cajun town in South Louisiana. I read this novel in two nights due to the fact that something about it literally kept me wondering where it was all going. Atlantis and a Cajun with a gift…there is the new “it” concept for Hollywood….

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