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I honestly cannot express to you guys how excited I am that [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) is roughly a month away from hitting theaters! I have been anticipating this movie with as much giddy excitement as a little kid waiting for a trip to the toy store. Not only do we get to catch up with the truly awesome Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique from First Class, but we also get to reunite with the beloved cast from the original trilogy. Then there's the scene where the Professor Xs god I can't wait for that movie. The Sentinels, post apocalyptic future, Quicksilver; it's shaping up to be the best X-Men since X2, if not of all time. That's not in small part due to the promise of fixing the continuity, either.

The series has been criticized heavily about it's lack of continuity since the original trilogy concluded and they went into spin-off territory. With consistency after consistency adding up, they needed to do something to fix their derailing franchise. But what exactly are they pointers they need to fix? I recently re-watched all 6 films, and these are the ones I picked up on. If there are any others floating around out there, please feel free to shout out in the comment section.

But first let me get this straight. All of these plot holes are because of First Class and Days of Futures Past. The series is not just filled all over with holes and being held together by a string. Before those two movies there was nothing wrong with the continuity. Anyways, precede on.

1.) Beast

Oh Hank, you silly little blue beasty boy. I love this character greatly in both original form and First Class form, for he is an X-Men who holds a dear place in my heart ( being the character who pretty much introduced me to the series ). Yet First Class had to go and screw it all up halfway through. Sure, it was really cool to have the whole subplot with him becoming Beast after trying to cure his own mutation, even if the sudden end to his romance with Mystique was a bit odd. So let me make it clear I liked that plot. But it did royally screw things up. In X2 we get to see Hank Pym on the news, in FULL OUT HUMAN FORM, discussing the mutant situation. So he becomes Beast in his early-twenties...then not-Beast, then Beast again? I feel the creators just really wanted to use that plot but didn't want to make a Beast movie. Either way, let's hope Future Past can shed light on his flip-flop transformations.

2.) Trask

This one may be one of the most obscure plot holes on this list, for it's not really a vital part to the film. I believe it was X-Men: The Last Stand which originally introduced us to Trask. Full-sized African America Trask, that is. Days of Futures Past is going to go ahead and make their own Trask for some reason. Caucasian Dwarf Trask. Not only could not characters not look any more different, but don't even get me started on the age difference. Unless Trask got a Super Soldier serum with the side effect of becoming African American then was shoved into the Arctic, this is just a baffling plot hole. I don't know if I should be worried that this new X-Men is creating more plot holes before it's even released, or excited in hope that it's all just part of their plan.

3.) What the heck is going on with Xavier's legs?

I really gave up trying to understand what's going on with Xavier's legs. He has a wheel chair in the original trilogy, that's cool. We see a flashback in The Last Stand to when Jean Grey was a child and Xavier could walk, that's also cool. At the end of Origins he shows up in a wheelchair...I think that's fine? I'm a bit vague on when the end of Origins takes place in the overall timeline, so I suppose it could fit in fine. So that's cool. Then First Class, again, has to go and screw it up. In the conclusion to First Class we see Magneto accidentally redirect a bullet into Xavier's spine, wounding him and making him wheel-chair bound. Which makes the entire flash back sequence make no sense. So he couldn't walk, then he could, then he can't again? To add even more flame to that burn, it's made clear in Days of Futures Past that he can walk again. I mean, it shows it in the trailer so they must be aware of it, right? They couldn't just have let it slip their minds? I have no doubt they'll fix this in the film, but as of now it's bothering me to no end how on and off again the guy is with wheel chairs.

4.) Sentinel Head

To be honest, I was not excited for Days of Futures Past at first. When they revealed how the Sentinel looked for the film, I kind of lost my hope for the film. I mean, when the first thing they show already contradicts another film in the series, that isn't a good sign. Luckily the rest of the advertising for the film won me back. X-Men: The Last Stand first teased the existence of Sentinels, possibly in hopes for a fourth movie which could've featured the villains. Of course the Sentinel we saw was only a Danger Room simulation. But then...why did it look nothing like the actual Sentinels? In Last Stand it looked as if it was taken directly from the comics themselves, but Days of Futures Past is going with a new take on the robo-design. So that leaves us wondering why the X-Men have a different version of Sentinel in their simulator room? Did the designs grow less sleek and badass over time due to Sentinel budget cuts within Trask Industries ( the economy, man ), are the X-Men just avid comics fans, are is there some major paradox science going on here? This is one of the things that I'm less sure will be referenced to in the new film, but I'll still have my fingers crossed.

5.) Magneto's Cell

I have no doubt that an extreme few noticed this. Unless you've read The Bent Bullet and paid close attention to detail, this could've flown a mile above your head. The Bent Bullet is an online viral marketing website created for Days of Futures Past which explains the connection between Magneto and the JFK assassination, along with the trial that took place directly afterwards. It also features the creation of Magneto's infamous plastic cell and his first time being locked up in it. It says that Trask Industries were the ones to create the cell to hold him ( it even has a little animation detailing the security precautions, which is pretty cool ) which may seem fine at first. But then if you're like me and watch various X-Men movies on a regular basis, you may pick up on something. In X2 Stryker claims that he and his team built the cell. His team being Weapon X. So either Trask built the cell or Stryker built the cell, unless they worked together and agreed to both take full credit. This is Days of Futures Past's fault, although it's only a minor mistake I'm sure can simply be ignored. Unless you're like me and won't go for simply floating over minor details like that.

6.) Wolverine's Claws

I suppose you couldn't properly label this as a plot hole quite just yet. In The Wolverine, Logan has the adamantium removed from his skeleton, which leaves him with just bone claws. But we can see clearly from posters and trailers of Days of Futures Past, Logan has his metal back. We can imagine Magneto has something to do with this...but where did he get the Adamantium from? And would Logan want to go through the painful process of having it spread all through his bones once more? I'm sure he could handle it, but still. This is something the film cannot ignore, so we just have to wait.

7.) Toad

I felt like just laying on the floor and doing nothing for a week after seeing Toad in Days of Futures Past. Not only does he look nothing like either the comic or previous film version, but he looks pretty awful on his own. I'm not sold on the goggles just yet. This raises the question of why Toad looks incredibly different, and if his role takes place in the past, why is he in the past? I don't really understand the inclusion of this character in the film at all, but since I'm not the director, I suppose I'll have to just go with it for now.


What plot twist do you want fixed the most?


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